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Dia Kumar


Career Highlights

  1. 2018-
  • Nio vision  3rd place in the 5 km Female Open category
  • Smart city 2018- 3rd place in the 5 km Female Open category

2. 2019

  • Prabalgad Foothills marathon 2019- 1st place in the 5 km Female Open category
  • Durshet Forest marathon – 1st place in the 5 km Female Open category
  • Feetathon 2019- 2nd place in the 5 km Female Under-15 category
  • Simple steps 2019- 3rd place in the 5 km Female Under-16 category
  • TAD duathlon 2019- 1st place overall in the open category

3. Personal Best (5 km)- 23:28

I got into long distance running in 2017 when I had just shifted to Pune from Nasik. Before I actually got into 5 and 10 Km, I used to sprint in the 100 and 200 m distances in my school. Apart from running, I’ve played table tennis for 2 years and basketball for almost 5 years now. In 2017, when I shifted to Pune, I was introduced to Sport Shack by one of my friends, at first it was just for fun and to spend some time in the outdoors, but slowly I fell in love with the sport and after around 6-7 months of running races and training with Sport Shack, I knew that this was something I don’t want to stop doing.

Up Close, and Personal

To me, sport is…

To me sport is proof. Proof of the fact that when things became tough, I pushed through. It is proof of the satisfaction that I felt after the pain and hard work. It is proof of my consistency and dedication towards it. Sport is like a detox, it’s painful and challenging but in the end the feeling is immeasurable.

The toughest race of my life was…

The toughest race I’ve ever run is Pune Juniorthon 2019. It was a 4 km race with an age category of Under-15. It was a race with extremely good competition from all over India. Although I had gotten a personal best in the distance and a run a pretty good timing, I didn’t make it up on the podium and finished in the 7th position. It was the first race I ran that had such competition.

The most memorable moment of my sporting career so far…

The most memorable athletic moment I’ve had so far was the end of Sport Shack’s 48-hour relay. After running at odd times and covering a distance of over 20 km in two days, finishing my last run at 2:15 am on the 31st of December 2020, I was overwhelmed. When the last runner finished at 10 am in the morning that same day, I almost had tears in my eyes. We knew for sure that we had reached our goal and that all the hard work that we had done over those last 48 hours had payed off!

My dream starting line is…

I have this insane dream that, in time, at least once in my life I want to be at the starting line running with a world champion, someone like Sifan Hassan. The dream is simple, I want to train enough that one day I reach a level where I can at least try to compete with an athlete like her.

My hobbies are…

I love dancing in my free time. I’ve even competed and won in many competitions.

My favourite Unived product is…

Elite recovery mix

Unived helps me by…

Unived products help me recover like a charm. The drink mix helps me sustain my energy throughout the workout and always help me prevent cramps and side stitches.

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