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Founded in 2010, Unived has been at the forefront of original in-house R&D to develop scientific vegan formulations for various dietary supplement and sports nutrition products. Since 2014, we have been supporting deserving athletes and over the years our team has grown from athletes based in India to athletes across USA, UK, Singapore, Indonesia, and Philippines.

We extend various levels of support tiered across our Youth, Ambassador, Athlete, and Elite teams.

Unived Youth Team

In 2021, we launched the Unived Youth Team program. This program is designed to integrate young athletes and introduce them to a slightly more structured setup. We support these athletes with nutrition & guidance, and give them access to our knowledge base. These athletes are committed to excelling in endurance sports and are training & competing from a young age.
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Unived Ambassador

We support various amateur athletes through the Unived Ambassador program. This program is designed to extend limited support to recreational athletes who are passionate about their sport, and about Unived, and show this passion throughout their training, racing, and online presence. Through positive performances, Unived Ambassadors can be considered for the Unived Athlete or Unived Elite programs.
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Unived Athletes

Our team of Unived Athletes are recreational athletes who are at a higher level of performance, achieved through their dedication and consistency in training and racing. These athletes receive greater support from us, enabling them to train harder and progress towards optimal performance.
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Unived Elite

Our team of Unived Elite athletes are seasoned professionals who are competing at the very top of their sport. These athletes operate at optimal levels, and maintain a careful integration and balance of training & nutrition. They have access to our complete knowledge of nutrition and race specific fueling, which we’ve developed across nearly a decade of working in this field. We work with our elite athletes on various levels of support.
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If you are keen to apply for sponsorship into any of these programs, you may do so via the Sponsorship Application page. Do note, the application process is usually open during October/November each year. Each year, we receive more applications than we are capable of accepting, so in the event you are not selected please do not be disheartened as it probably has to do with our inability to support a larger team and not your ability as an athlete. Thank you for understanding.

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