The Unived Elite team is a big part of our work and is deeply integrated into our project. We are fortunate to receive the support of some extremely talented elite athletes who are constantly pushing the boundaries on human potential. Working with these athletes enables us to test the efficacy of our products in cases of extreme physiological demands, as they compete at the very top of their sport.


Ultra-Distance Trail Runners


Camille Herron

Ultramarathoner, World Record holder in the 24hr & 100 miles distance, and taco & pizza lover.

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Hayden Hawks

After winning UTMB-CCC and finishing 3rd at TNF50, Hayden has his eyes set on the big one, UTMB.

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Harry Jones

Harry is an elite Vegan Ultra-Distance Trail Runner who has emerged to be one of the best runners in Asia, now competing on the World stage.

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Laura Kline

I was a late-comer to the running scene. I played team sports through high school and it wasn't until after college

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Ashley Hawks

Ashley is a blazing fast road runner who's transitioning into the trail scene.

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Charli McKee

I started running casually in college to offload stress and find a meditative state, but since I studied Literature

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Kieren D'Souza

One of the best trail runners in India, Kieren has podiums in some of the biggest races.

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Ruth Theresia

Ruth is a fierce Vegan ultra-trail runner from Indonesia, and currently one of the top 5 women in the Asia Trail Master series.

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Unived Elite Vegan Trail Runner Sandi Nypaver

Sandi Nypaver

Plant-based trail runner, animal and nature lover.

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Henrik Westerlin

Henrik Westerlin is a Danish National team runner with ultra-distances and trail running being his forte. He has run for Denmark at the IAU World Trail championships and competed in many of the World's toughest and most prestigious ultra-marathons.

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