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Shishir Srivastav


  • Current City:Pune
  • Birthday:March 10
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Career Highlights

Here is my current best time in different segments – 5 K – 19:32 10 K – 39:10 HM – 1:26:10 FM – 3:17:30

I am long distance runner. Like to run half marathon, marathon distances. It all started as normal fitness routine in 2013. But eventfully I got hooked to running. So far I have ran countless half marathon and 6 marathon with best time 1:26:34 and 3:17:30 as best time. I believe in train more and race less.

Up Close, and Personal

To me, sport is…

freedom and stress buster. I have developed a community where we meet everyday and workout and train together. As a team we train for 5km to Marathon distances. Sport connects and brings different people together. It teaches us how to handle failure.

The toughest race of my life was…

I believe in train more and race less more all to me it all depends on how well you are prepared. Nothing to mention here so far.

The most memorable moment of my sporting career so far…

I enjoy all my training run and races. I had enjoyed TMM 2020 the most so far as my execution on spot on. Marathon never felt that comfortable.

My dream starting line is…

races ends, Running does not so not looking for Final run anytime soon. Regarding dream start line would be anywhere where I can share the start line with Kipchoge and Bekele.

I nourish my soul with…

good meal and time with friends.

Unived helps me by…

I have used multivitamin and their elite recovery mix. Both the products help me to train consistently without getting injured. When we talk about sport injuries we often ignore importance of recovery.

My favourite Unived product is…

the Organic multivitamin and Elite Endurance Gel.

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