Mukul Dahiya

Unived Ambassador Mukul Dahiya

Mukul Dahiya

Marathoner and Trail Runner

Career Highlights

– Finished first place at 24 hour stadium relay run by NEB sports, Delhi, in 2021
– 5 km : 18 minutes 32 seconds
– 10 km : 38 minutes 49 seconds
– 21 km : 1 hour 25 minutes
– 42.2 km : 3 hour 26 minutes

– Patalsu Peak hike in 5 hours, Distance: 19km, Elevation gain: 2000+m
– Hamta Pass Trail in 7 hours, Distance: 25+km, Elevation gain: 2000+m,   Alpine style
– Brighu Lake Trail in 8 hours

How did your athletic journey begin…

I have been into sports since I was 10 years old , initially played football at National level and was also a state level sprinter in 100 and 200 m distance. The main drive for endurance sports came when I went to Manali in 2018 saw those huge snow capped mountains like Hanuman Tibba, Patalsu Peak, Friendship Peak. I always wondered what the view from the top of those magnificient peaks be like! While folks my age were busy getting pictures clicked in front of those splendid mountains, I was more fascinated with the idea of having a picture from the top of the peak. Since then all the training in Delhi has been focused on being mountain strong. So that, when the time comes I am fully prepared to conquer those 8000+ m peaks and make my country proud.

Sport to me is…

A way of self exploration.

A Sports Personality I look up to…

Kilian Jornet- this athlete inspires me beyond imagination. He climbed Mt Everest in just 21 hours but unhappy with his performance, he attempted again within the same week and timed it in 16 hours. His humility after being so limitless is what baffles me and inspires me.

My favourite Unived product is…

UNIVED Elite Recovery Mix because it helps me recover faster and ready for the the next session.

Pea Protein is really easy to consume and digest, helps in muscle repair and growth, also reduces muscle soreness.

I nourish my soul with…

NATURE! I have been an outdoor enthusiast and lover since I was a child. Play station and television was never my go to. I successfully completed my first 4200 m peak when I was 18. The sense of satisfaction which I had when I reached the summit seemed unreal. The sense of being in proximity with the nature and being able to climb such huge mountains which I only dreamt of , when I was a kid is amazing . Being an athlete allows me to achieve my goals and feel limitless and free. And this sense of seeking discomfort acts as the catalyst.

My goals for this year are… 

– Super Sikh Run 2022 as a training run
– 65 km Buddha Trails
– 30 km Solang Sky Ultra
– Delhi half marathon in sub 1 hour 20 minutes
– Tuffman Shimla 30 km trail run
– Breaking 36 minute mark in 10 km
– Attempt and successfully complete a 100km road race
– successfully complete the BMC (Basic Mountaineering Course)

Other career highlights

– Successfully completed the Solang Sky Ultra 30 km race in 2021
– Sixth place finisher at the Bir Billing Marathon 2021
– Youngest official pacer (half marathon, 1:40 hrs bus ) at the New Delhi Marathon 2022
– State Level Bronze medalist in Kick Boxing
– Bronze medal at Delhi Olympic games 2021 in Kick Boxing
– NCC C Certificate holder
– Certified Randonneur
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