Balaram Krishna

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Balaram Krishna


Career Highlights

43:50 10k
1:35 Half-marathon
3:36 Marathon
6:36 Trail 50k (Malnad)

But most happy about being active on a daily basis for well over a decade now!

How did your athletic journey begin…

With Badminton at age 12! The discipline and routine from that stuck with me since.

Sport to me is… 

a therapeutic and humbling pursuit.

A Sports Personality I look up to…

Lewis Hamilton, for his all-in approach to work both on and off the track.

My favourite Unived product is…

The Elite Recovery Mix! Nothing else tastes better after a long/hard effort.

I nourish my soul with… 

Trail miles or saddle-time or some good ól weights.

My goals for this year are… 

Run my hardest 5k, 10k and a half
Sinhagad Epic Trail
Hyderabad Marathon
Malnad 50k
Test my limit on the saddle
Doing a bikepacking trip!

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