Anne Mathias

Anne Mathias

Mountaineer & Kayaker

Career Highlights

I was the first woman to complete a winter alpine summit of Kanamo peak in Spiti and the first woman to complete a alpine winter ascent of Stok Kangri in 2018. My recent career highlight was a self supported cycling expedition across the high altitude passes of Spiti and Zanskar.

How did your athletic journey begin…

My athletic journey began with pursuing high altitude treks which organically expanded into mountaineering, later further specializing into alpine winter climbs. I’ve done self supported cycling expeditions across the high altitudes and passes of Spiti and Zanskar. I’m also into whitewater and sea kayaking.

Sport to me is… 

Sport to me is spirituality. I grow into the best version of me when I positively and constructively train my body and mind to push beyond previous limits. Sport to me helps me build a relationship with myself where I grow in self love and self respect. By filling my own cup with strength, mental clarity and happiness I am then in a position to go forth and positively contribute and add to the lives of those in my immediate sphere of influence.

A Sports Personality I look up to…

I look up to the extreme kayaking world champion Nouria Newman. She’s a young petite woman whose physical stature belies the kind of strength, determination and courage she displays in the most extreme and dangerous situations. She is proof that strength doesn’t depend on physical size, but on the level of correct training, determination and commitment to improving your technique and mindset constantly throughout life.

My favourite Unived product is…

The B12 + D3, and Ovegha Omega 3 capsules.

I nourish my soul with… 

Spiritual practices. Clean simple food, positive thoughts and a simple lifestyle connected to nature.

My goals for this year are… 

To get into MTB biking, become a better white water kayaker and a alpine winter expedition.



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