By Amit Mehta Health & WellnessTo teachers, with love…

To teachers, with love…

After all these years, don’t you remember that one teacher? The one who was tougher on you than anyone else in class just because they expected more out of you? That one teacher who caught you doodling in class and instead of reprimanding you, encouraged you to draw? That teacher who made sure you spoke in front of the class every week (boy, did you hate that or what?!) to cure you of stage fright?

On Teacher’s Day, as teachers across the country continue to inspire with a smile on their faces, most are doing it under really tough circumstances. Last week, a survey revealed that 50% of Indian school kids were perceived by teachers as lacking skills commensurate with the grade they were in. The ‘Pearson Voice of India’ survey reveals serious institutional obstacles that teachers in India face every day. Even as 94% of teachers believe that personality and skill development was the biggest marker of student success, educators are hampered by syllabi that focus solely on exam results.

Lack of support like technology in schools and lack of funding for extracurricular activities like art were also cited by teachers as a barrier to kids achieving their potential. Not to mention meeting the rising expectations of parents in an increasingly competitive economy. It is no wonder that so many Indian teachers experience monumental stress in their every day. A study on university professors in South India found that 74% of them were experiencing stress and burnout as a direct result of problems at the workplace.

So, that special teacher you admire so much? They probably had to fight with the school administration to take your class out for that movie outing. They probably had to make sacrifices with their own health to ensure you got the best from them.

Give them a call today or send them an email to thank them. Better yet, give them a thoughtful gift like a spa day or tickets to a play. Or perhaps, a rejuvenating tea for some stolen moments of calm on their stressful days. Let them know that their sacrifices were worth it. Let them know they made a difference.

From everyone here at Unived, we wish everyone, especially all the wonderful teachers –

Happy Teacher’s Day!


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