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Tips to a healthy heart

Caring for your heart through a healthy diet and regular physical activity is the secret weapon to a healthy heart and preventing heart disease. If you had a choice to choose between taking prescription drugs for the rest of your life or making changes to your lifestyle to prevent heart disease, which would you choose? The real preventative power lies with real changes to your lifestyle that can reduce the risk for heart disease by as much as 80 percent. Take your health into your own hands by making simple daily changes like the following:

Limit your salt and sugar intake:

Avoid meals that are high in salt, fat, cholesterol, and sugars. Food such as takeout food, fast food, and packaged food are often filled with high amounts of sodium and sugar. Ditch sugary drinks, such as soda and packaged juice, and substitute them with water or a vegetable smoothie. You can also opt for a cup of herbal or black coffee instead of a latte or chai, which can increase your blood sugar levels and add extra calories.

Reduce your intake of saturated fats:

Limit the amount of saturated fat you consume from dairy products, red meat, and tropical oils. Base most of your meals on beans, vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Walnuts, almonds, peanuts, and other nuts are good fats which are excellent for your heart. Try grabbing some instead of chips or biscuits when you need a snack. You can even go nuts and add them to salads for a healthful and tasty crunch, or use them in place of meat in pasta and other dishes. Choose a low calorie dressing as well to go with your salads, like adding some coconut vinegar, pepper, and our Super Masala Mix, rather than lathering a dressing full of saturated fats and oils.

Maintain a healthy weight:

Packing on extra pounds can increase your risk for heart disease. If you are overweight or obese, try to lose weight by eating a plant-based diet and exercising regularly. This will help lower your total cholesterol and raise your HDL. Make sure you get your heart pumping, so choose a walking, running, swimming, or biking. Change your exercise routine frequently, so you do not get bored.

Get enough sleep:

Sleep is an often overlooked key to a healthy heart. Regardless of age, weight or smoking habits, people who are sleep deprived are at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease. Sleep is a necessity to your overall health, and not getting enough can hurt you in more ways than you may realise, especially for your heart. Aim for 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night.

Quit smoking:

Smoking is a bad habit that has detrimental effects on health, not only for you but those around you as well. Nearly one-third of all deaths from coronary heart disease are related to smoking and the effects of secondhand smoke. Smoking leads increase in blood pressure, buildup of fatty substance in the arteries, which contribute to cardiovascular disease.

You have the power to change your health. By integrated these healthy heart tips to your day can go a long way. It is important to remember that the choices you make in your everyday life have a direct impact on your health, especially your heart. Make healthy choices and live a lifestyle that helps your heart stay at its best.

 Healthy habits make a healthier you!

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