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  • Unived Basics Vegan D3 is formulated to offer you 100% RDA of Vitamin D3 in a single dose capsule. Key Benefits
    • 100% RDA - 600IU Plant-based Vitamin D3 (Lichen)
    • Support immunity, heart, muscle, and bone health
    • One daily
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  • Beta Alanine supports muscle capacity and fights muscle fatigue to benefit athletic performance. Key Benefits
    • Buffers hydrogen ions
    • Maintains pH in muscles
    • Can boost endurance
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  • Unived’s 100% Natural Beta-Carotene from Blakeslea trispora is the most stable and pure form of beta-carotene. It provides 5800mcg (9000I.U.) of natural and more bioavailable Beta-Carotene along with Organic Spirulina which is the richest source of carotenoids. Key Benefits
    • 100% RDA of the antioxidant vitamin A. 
    • Helps reduce oxidative damage of cells. 
    • Helps build a strong immune system. 
    • Protects against photo damage and reduces sun sensitivity 
    • Help support healthy vision. 
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  • Unived’s Biotin Gold HSN a scientific formulation with nutraceutical and natural ingredients that work synergistically to protect, proliferate, stimulate, hydrate and maintain healthy hair, skin & nails. Biotin Gold HSN supplement features a blend of 7 organic whole foods, amino acids - cysteine & lysine, 10,000mcg natural organic whole food plant based Biotin, natural key vitamins A, D3 and E, silica and hyaluronic acid, as well as glutathione, vitamins C, B9 & B12. KEY BENEFITS
    • Builds structure to hair, skin & nails.
    • Helps increase keratin production and promotes hair growth.
    • Helps reduce hair fall, skin breakouts, and brittle nails.
    • Helps slow down wrinkle formation and improves skin elasticity.
    • Helps to reduce skin hyperpigmentation and increase hydration and elasticity.
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  • 200mg Natural Caffeine Anhydrous from Green Tea, and nothing else. Key Benedits
    • Increases mental alertness, focus, and concentration
    • Reduces reaction time
    • Can increase endurance performance
    • Caffeine is a natural ergonomic aid for athletes which promotes thermogenesis aiding the body to burn calories and fat, providing prolonged energy.
    • Works great as a pre-workout or even if taken with breakfast for a productive day ahead
  • 200mg of natural Caffeine & 100mg of natural L-Theanine extracted from green tea, per capsule. Caffeine is proven as a brain stimulant that increases alertness, wakefulness, attention, working memory, and physical performance. L-Theanine is a natural nootropic known to support mental focus & healthy stress levels, as well as, promote relaxation. Key Benefits
    • Calm & clean alternative to Coffee
    • Caffeine and L-Theanine work together to balance each other’s mode of action providing calm focused energy without the caffeine crash.
    • Increased alertness & focus while the feeling of calmness at the same time
  • Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It is your body's reaction to a challenge or demand. In the short term, these reactions are good but when you have chronic stress, over time, this puts your health at risk. CALM is a plant-based formulation comprising of adaptogenic, neuroprotective and cognitive-enhancing extracts which help maintain normal levels of hormones responsible for inducing stress, anxiety and negative effects on mood. Key Benefits
    • Helps reduce stress and anxiety
    • Promotes relaxation and improves quality of sleep
    • Helps reduce and maintain normal cortisol levels, serotonin
    • KSM-66 is clinically proven for stress relief
  • Creatine supports energy production and helps maintain and promote lean body mass, muscle endurance, and power.

    Creatine is an amino acid that supports increases in work capacity and muscle power output. It also promotes lean body mass and supports cognitive function. Key Benefits
    • Supports an increase in work capacity & power output of muscles
    • Promotes physical endurance
    • Increases lean body mass
    • Helps the body create energy more efficiently for exercise
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  • Unived’s Elite Beet-420™  is derived from Non-GMO beetroots, and manufactured through a proprietary aqueous extraction process, which results in minimal oxalate and high mineral content, and is standardized to 6.5% dietary nitrate content. Each individual serving delivers 420mg pure dietary nitrates. Nitrates help increase blood flow to our muscles, thereby supporting oxygen uptake, and are ideal for optimal sports performance. Key Benefits
    • Supports optimal sports performance
    • Improved energy, stamina, and endurance
    • Efficient oxygen uptake & extended exercise endurance
    • May support respiratory health and healthy blood pressure levels
  • Our Elite Caffeine Strips have been designed to provide a faster, more convenient, sugar-free boost that can be taken anywhere, anytime and without water.

    Unived's Elite Caffeine Strips are used by professional runners, cyclists, triathletes and sports teams to achieve optimal performance in training and on race and game day.

    Key Benefits
    • Helps you maintain focus and allows you to train and race at peak performance.
    • Caffeine has a glycogen-sparing effect.
    • Can be used instead of your morning coffee/tea and also as a focus-agent.
    • No water required.
    • Vegan & gluten-free.
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  • The Elite Drink Mix is a great product that delivers energy & electrolytes, both of which are critical during long endurance activities such as cycling, running, ultra-running, triathlons, football, cricket, and other endurance sports. Key Benefits
    • Clinically prove 2:1 ratio of simple to complex carbohydrates
    • 190kcal per gel, along with Betaine, Beta-alanine, Sodium Bicarbonate, and essential Electrolytes
    • For an Isotonic solution, blend with 20-27 fl oz (600-800ml) water
    • Co-developed with World Champion Camille Herron & Elite Trail Runner Hayden Hawks, along with crucial involvement from many of the Unived Elite Athletes
    • Clinically proven 2:1 ratio of simple to complex carbohydrates
    • 190kcal per gel, along with Beta-alanine, Sodium Bicarbonate, and essential Electrolytes
    • Unived's famous water-based consistency, light, refreshing, and scientifically formulated for peak performance
    • Co-developed with World Champion Camille Herron & Elite Trail Runner Hayden Hawks, along with crucial involvement from many of the Unived Elite Athletes
  • Unived’s Elite Hydration Mix has been co-developed with Olympian & World elite runner Rachel Schneider as well as World Elite Trail Runner & Coach Sandi Nypaver. It is formulated to provide hydration faster than water alone, by accelerating fluid uptake and delivering essential electrolytes. Regardless if you are a marathon runner, involved in recreational sports or weekend sports enthusiast. This product is meant for you. It is formulated with a correct balance of carbohydrates, electrolytes and Betaine, which work in combination to restore lost nutrients and replenish energy levels to delay the onset of fatigue. Key Benefits
    • Hydrates faster than plain water
    • Prevents dehydration and fatigue
    • Enhances absorption of fluids and electrolytes
    • Higher electrolyte and lower carbohydrate concentration
    • Low calorie and no added sweetener
  • Unived's Elite Recovery Mix is a superior formulation that uses the clinically proven 4:1 ratio of carbohydrate to protein, along with key phytonutrients such as KSM-66® & Curcumin, which have substantial clinical evidence to verify their key role in the recovery process. This is a product used by various World Class Elite Athletes across a wide discipline of endurance sports. Key Benefits
    • Clinically proven 4:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein for optimal recovery
    • Restores muscle glycogen post intense exercise
    • Facilitates glucose-mediated transport of salt and water into the body
    • Facilitates muscle fiber repair, lean muscle development, and protein synthesis
    • Replenishes essential electrolytes lost during sweat
    • KSM-66 is clinically proven to aid athletic performance and boost recovery
    • Curcumin reduces inflammation and offsets performance deficits associated with EIMD
    • Key Vitamins C, D, and K2-7 each play their own role in the recovery process
  • Unived’s Eye Health is formulated to promote the optimum eye function. It contains Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Beta-Carotene and Bilberry extract which play an important role in supporting an eye health. Key Benefits
    • Filters blue light due to excess screen time.
    • Reduces eye strain.
    • Promotes better sleep, focus, and eyesight.
    • Supports macular pigment for long-term eye health.
    • Reduces symptoms associated with digital eye strain such as fatigue, headaches, and blurred vision.
  • 5-MTHF is an active, tissue-ready form of folate. It's an essential B vitamin that supports methylation. Many individuals don't get sufficient 5-MTHF because they have intestinal or liver dysfunction or because of their genetic makeup. Key Benefits
    • 5-MTHF contributes to the production of serotonin, melatonin, epinephrine, and norepinephrine, all of which support mood
    • Supports healthy blood vessel and nerve function
    • Bio-Available form of Folic Acid
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