By Amit Mehta FitnessRRUNNK - A Unived Sports Initiative

RRUNNK – A Unived Sports Initiative

Our ancestors were an active lot – what with the constant battle for survival, having to forage for their food, and migrating across continents.

Modern lives are a tad different. On some days, the biggest stretch that we do is reaching across to the neighbor’s cubicle to have another donut. Walking from the sofa to fetch the Coke from the fridge burns no calories. Sadly, the furious typing we do on our phones all day doesn’t count as an arm workout.

While 9-5 might feel like an entire day’s worth of work, we hardly get the right kind of physical activity while seated in our office chairs. We take cars or trains to work, day in and day out. Soon, we get comfortable with elevators. We get home, remember the gym membership, and think “I’ll go tomorrow. Promise”. There are always ingredients for a salad in the fridge, but the pizza is just a phone call away. Before we know it, we get engulfed in a cycle of unhealthy habits, processed food, and dissatisfaction over how our body looks and how unhealthy we feel. No wonder we are seeing epidemic proportions of obesity and other ‘lifestyle diseases’ in India.

The great news is, like everything in life, fitness is a habit and habits can be learned. The first steps are the hardest, but once we take them, there is nothing stopping us from leading a healthier and more active life. We invite you to take these first steps with us!

#RRUNNK is an initiative by Unived Sports to get India on its feet and transform it from the ‘World’s Heart Disease capital’ to the ‘World’s Active capital’ – 1 km at a time.

How does the #RRUNNK work? It’s simple –

1) Run the fastest 1K you can. Make sure that you record the time on a GPS watch, stopwatch or an app.

2) Take a picture or a video displaying the time, distance, and of course- your beaming face. Along with the picture or video, tell us what this is your ‘first step’ towards. For e.g.- “I just did the #RRUNNK challenge by running 1 km in 5 minutes as a first step towards running thrice a week” or “I just did the #RRUNNK challenge by running 1km in 7 minutes to increase the awareness of animal rights”

3) Tag two friends in your photo or name them in your video to nominate them to do their fastest #RRUNNK

4) Share this picture or video on your Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram. Don’t forget to tag @UnivedSports and hashtag #RRUNNK

Sounds fun? Excellent! We are counting on you to join in and to encourage your loved ones to kick-start their own fitness journeys. Also, feel free to get creative! Feel like doing the RRUNNK in costume? Go for it! Want to take the RRUNNK vertical on stairs? Fantastic! This is YOUR challenge – own it! The more fun your RRUNNK is, the more your friends and family will want to join in.

We promise some great prizes along the way, plus we will be constantly sharing your RRUNNK moments and triumphs across Unived Sports’ social media.

This is our moment to take charge of our collective health and fitness – while having some fun along the way!

Together, let’s unleash a movement. Together, let’s take to the streets. Together, let’s get India going. 

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