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Very powerful

I was suffering from tingling hands and feet .After taking this tablet for just 4 days and getting great results.
My blurry vision is also reduced.

Basics Multivitamin & Minerals for Women

Very good service

Very responsive & had a great experience. When i contacted with a query it was addressed & solution was provided in minutes

Pure medicine without fillers!!!!!

I am Soo happy that I found this company.
Very good products with nil fillers. Good for the health . Felt the difference in a few days .I am constantly purchasing ...and last purchase is the salt capsule.

Though the multivitamin is a big letdown!!!!

The courier delivery charges are very high for frequently purchasing customer.

Overall I am very happy with the quality . Out of stock products and high demand products should be made available quickly like D3 + k2.

Not doing so is laziness from your side.


It really helped

better product than what you usually get in the market. I started with two capsules daily after food and really felt the difference in my mood after 3-4 weeks. Ordered three more boxes after that.

Superfoods Protein, Plant-Based Blend of Organic Protein, Superfoods, Supergreens, Probiotics, Vitamins & Minerals, & Digestive Enzymes

Women’s Iron, Ferrous Bisglycinate & Vitamin C.

Product is as advertised. I am very pleased with your customer service and delivery procedures. However, as I am searching for an IRON ONLY product for chronic anaemia, I would have preferred a capsule with the same ferrous Bisglycinate but at a higher dose. There isn't enough vitamin C in the capsule to make much difference to my immune system. I have to take this separately at a much higher dose and more frequently. Still, yours is the best preparation I've found in India

Good results

improvement in overall strength and reduction in fatigue , felt after few days of consumption of this supplement.

Elite Caffeine Strips

Amazing to be honest!

initially im confused whether i can buy here or amazon, but long overthinking short i decided to buy here for two reasons one being i love unived products i ordered before in amazon, so i thought i wanted to support them, second being im in short of money lately every penny is countable for me, i had a coupon code of unived site that i got from the invoice of last unived b12 amazon order. then comes the meaning of honest part, i ordered from site the parcel came after two days but the catch is -box is not in good shape, the courier mishandling is the prime reason i assume, we experienced this but this time it was a medicine im sceptical whether it maybe adulterated idk, so i rejected the parcel and i contacted the customer care they immediately sent me a new one of different courier on the next two days, i was like 'my instinct never fails that i trusted them', im not promoting unived at any cost whatever you want to do, its upto your decision at end of the day, dont get influenced by any means, being a loyal provider is seen, let me be a loyal customer.

KSM-66? Organic Ashwagandha Root Extract 600mg

Quality and compassionate supplements

I have been consuming Vitamin B12 Supplements from Unived, for a while now. My purchase experience (online booking, delivery, quality of product) has been excellent so far. Keep up the good work Unived team!

Amazing product , highly recommend!

My mother has been consuming these for the last 6 months & we have see visual improvements in her ailing knees. Thank you unived!

My limbs do not hurt anymore

My feet constatly hurt and had digestion problems due to deficiency of B12. Have been taking these tablets regularly. It has helped a lot.

The best Recovery drink

When it comes to recovery drinks, I don't think of any other product. I have been using this for many years and it is great. Keep the hard work!!!

Unived Plant-Based Vegan Vitamin D3 from Lichen, 5000 I.U. in MCT Oil Powder

Helps me doze off

I was skeptical initially buying this product but it really helped me sleep. I felt it started working in 4-5 days. Also the ingredients combination in this product is very economical than to buy them individually. Thanks unived.

Unived Gel - Vegan Endurance Gel for Runners and Athletes - 110kcal

MCT Beet-216
parvathy ranjive

MCT Beet-216

Sukriti Chopra


Unived CalDveg, Plant Calcium Magnesium & 73 Trace Minerals from Sea Weed, Vitamin D3 (Vitashine), Vitamin K2-7 (MenaquinGold) Bone & Heart Health

These gels are instant revivals , they always allowed me to run longer than my plans for run ! I love using them 👍

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