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Unived Salt Capsules

Excellent Gel and Salt Caps

Tried the Unived Elite Gel for the 1st time and it totally satisfied the requirements. Was able to easily achieve my target of 3:20 at my 1st full marathon at TMM, the salt cap also helped a lot when I consumed them around 28 and 35th km, the cramps reduced and was able to finish without stopping.

Flora-17 Vegan Probiotics
Ashmitha Chandra

Flora-17 Vegan Probiotics

Excellent Taste. Have tried it with milk and water. Found it effective and good for recovery

Excellent Product - Endurance Gel

Thank you Unived for your excellent products. I used Endurance Gel Orange and Salt Capsule during my TMM 2023 run. It has not only helped me to improve my Performance by 20 mins but also helped in faster recovery. I suggested these products to few of my freinds too. Once again Thank you for bringing this super energising Gels. # TMM2023 #HarDilMumbai

Unived Elite Gel
Amit Kumar Sharma

Unived Elite Gel

Unived Elite Gel
Vinodhraja S

Performance is getting better when I take this at right intervals. Very much pleased to use it.

Good product

I found the prodct to be good, helps it comes witb the spoon inside. The packaging is good and stevia makes is a good combination along with cocoa to give a nice flavour to the peas isolate.

My maiden TMM with Unived gel.

I would like to thank Unived for your energy gel that I tried ( vanilla sea salt) for my maiden Tata Mumbai marathon that i participated and did run with my personal best timing.
I had used energy gels of others but didn't get the expected results, & moreover the quantity also that I found in Unived was more than others
With the right training and the right choice I am glad and would look forward to use other Unived prodicts (pre run / post run, protein powders) in future too.
Thanks Unived team. Har Dil Mumbai.

Unived Salt Capsules
Mahesh Masurkar
Super saver in Mumbai marathon

Unived salt tabs are pretty good for endurance runners/athletes. I am consuming it from last 3 years and having good impact of it.
I used it in yesterday Mumbai marathon and it was super saver for me, avoiding a single cramp or fatigued legs. Superb output.

Unived D3+K2 (MK-7)
Ravi Chadha
Great product

Very happy with my purchase. Will re order

Caffeinated capsules

It works very great during long run or any endurance activity…… superb product

Unived Elite Gel
Raghesh R Nair
Unived Sports Supplements review

Now i regularly using Unived Eligh Gel, Energy Mix RRUNN, Elight Recovery Mix. All the products are very effective for serious dedicated athletes.

Unived Gel
Jagdeep Singh
Unived gel

Excellent product

Unived CalDveg
Mallika Iyer

Very effective. Have been purchasing for 5 years now.

Unived Gel
Naina Malika Williams
Unived Gels

Used by my daughter as recommended . She likes the taste & finds them suitable to her palate

Unived Basics Biotin
Rajesh Ranjan
Order delivered at wrong Address

Order Number- UN188506 dt 07th Dec'22
While Ordering I typed a Different Address (Ghaziabad) for the Shipment. But, It got delivered at my Vasai, Maharashtra Address.

Unived Elite Beet-420
Soumyajit Datta

Unived Elite Beet-420

Unived Salt Capsules
Sharmila Sinkar

Unived Salt Capsules

Good product

Good product for endurance athletes

must have if you are a runner

writing review the second time so that I can get my rewards points which is peanuts. Never ever subscribe for the 1000 INR prime membership. It's a bloody scam! zero benefit realised so far. Unived products are too expensive, customer service is not very responsive. I was told I would get discounts on 1st and 2nd of the month. well where is it Unived??? Happy New year.

Unived Elite Gel
Harry Parmar
Tried and tested

I have been using Elite gel for my runs for past 3 years now, both long runs and actual races. I have faced no digestive complications, it fuels the body very well & tastes nice too. Keep up the good work, Team Unived !

Well-researched, excellent, safe products. Good Cust Svc. Quick shipping.

I like the reliability of this business.
It was easy to contact and communicate with the Founder-CEO himself. An out-of-stock product was made available within the 10 days that he estimated.

Items were shipped quickly, and in a nice re-useable cardboard box of good quality (thus reducing wastage/trash).

What I like about Unived's products (eg Multivitamin & Minerals) is that the ingredients are comprehensive, provide 100% of the RDAs and have no fillers, colours or preservatives. I also like the full disclosure of the ingredients and what they're useful for. Their website is very informative.

I'm impressed by and pleased with the good research that Unived has done before developing their products.

The Founder has the right mind and heart (a true well-wisher)! I wish them all the best in their business.

Excellent Recovery mix

I was looking out for a good replenishment protein mix to recover from a heavy workout schedule from weights training to long cycling rides. I tried the Rise ans Grind in tandem with Rest & Recover and within the first day itself I could see visible results. I strongly recommend this to anyone with an active lifestyle needing muscle repair & rebuilding post workout.

Unived B12+D3
very nice

very nice

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