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First use

I am really impressed with the boost these gels give in my longer runs ! They are the right amount of carb loading and I have seen a considerable improvement in my energy levels ! Looking forward to a long term relationship with you guys👍🏽💪🏽

Gels taste good, Fuel better

I m a Unived user since 2 yrs. '(have used cocoa,Espresso Cappucino, dark mint)
The Taste is always good - Doesnt leave sores in corners of mouth ( like other gels used to do). Variety of Flavours is good to choose from.
The packaging of the gel is good and while the activity is going on , if we want to consume it, it tears better from the top and there is a good opening for it to be gulped !
Looking forward for more Power from the gels in the training for my swim/bike/runs !

Salt Capsule Caffeinated

I bought this product and have used almost 10 capsule of it. And i feel a great difference in my long running performance and endurance level as soon as you consume it, it replaces your all loss of mineral and vitamin through sweating.
For the best results calculate your running or any activity timings and consume it for better results.
I strongly recommend it. Also all the products i have compared with other brands are very competitive price.

After using it for 2months

I bought KSM66 and MULTIVITAMIN 2 products in November and used it, in December i placed my 2nd order both were for 30 capsules. After using it for 2months i feel real change in my mood, health and my physical endeavors as well my endurance level have increased drastically better.
Would strongly recommend to use this product but for best results do course of 3months for max benefits of it.

Go for it

We have been ordering Vitamin D3, D3+B12, and Vitamin B12 supplements. Using these for a year now. There has never been any issue with delivery or product quality. On special occasions Unived also offers discount. What more, these are all Vegan supplements.

This is my go to vegan B12 supplement! Quality product, been using this for the past two years. Highly recommend this

Great product, delivery as always was super quick. Still need a few more months to review the effects.

Good Nutrition for long runs.

Tried the 190 pack for the first time. It helps me to manage my nutrition and breaks in the run more efficiently.great stuff. The new packaging with small connected strip helps to handle the situation better.

Find it Helpful

I really happy with the quality & useful in my
Strength excercise as well as cycling some time
& upgrade the confidence at doing . Hesitating for the price but found it worthy. 🙏

Quality and compassionate supplements

We have been consuming Unived Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D3 supplements for almost a year now. There has never been any issue w.r.t. the quality or delivery of product. Highly recommend these Vegan supplements to whoever needs them.

B12 as cyanocobalamin!

With everything else so great, why use the artificial B12! So very disappointing and the only reason I can buy and use everything else but can not use your multivitamin. This is the ingredient that some of the cheapest, mass production multivitamins use (Centrum etc). All organic multivitamin brands use Methylcobalamin. Cyanocobalamin, though safe in small quantities, is artificial and essentially cyanide. Why put crap in our bodies when there are healthier/natural alternatives. Please change this ingredient.

Excellent Products

As always no complaints with Unived products. Consistently highest quality

An everyday essential

Supreme quality. Loved the addition of alfa alfa. Affordable and works.

Effective vegan B12

I am vegan so I was pleased to see vegan B12 supplement. In just 2-3 days I started experiencing increase in energy level which is quite impressive result.

Effective Vegan B12

I am vegan so I was pleased to see vegan B12 supplement. In just 2-3 days I started experiencing increase in energy level which is quite impressive result.

Easy on the stomach

Liking it so far. Overall, its been easy to digest and mixes well with smoothies.

Will be trying the superfoods mix next.

Amazing product backed by an amazing team

For any run longer than 90 minutes I use either the Choco fudge or double espresso. Both of them exceptionally good. Works really well to replenish and give the much needed boost.
The packaging is also very very easy to use. Functional and well thought-out
Kudos to Unived for bringing amazing products to us and the nutrition is not dependent on either you or friends travelling to various parts of the world 🙂


These gels are superb compared to other gels, tried in ultra runs and really helps. Thanks

Amazing range of products!

I have been using Unived products like pea protein, endurance gels, elite endurance gels and elite recovery mix since last few months. All the flavours of the gels are amazing, easy on the gut and I have been able to consistently perform well during my hard runs. The recovery mix has been really helpful and is ideal after long and hard runs and I was actually able to see the difference in my recovery time.
I have recently started using the biotin with Vitamin capsules as well after it was highly recommended by a friend.

Great recovery mis

Tried the Unived Eliter Recovery Mix, after my long run 33 km. Didn't get sick or wakeup with cramped leg next day. I was able to get back to work normally. Thanks Unived.

Unived Elite Gel 2:1 Carbohydrate Ratio, 190kcal, Energy Gel for Runners and Endurance Athletes

Helped reduce hairfall

Hi, I can see a slight difference in hair fall. it has been only 3 weeks so far. Hoping it will improve the texture of hair and make it less frizzy. I do plan to continue and observe for more positive outcomes.

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