Women's Iron

Unived’s Women’s Iron is formulated with 100% RDA of women for Iron and vitamin C. It is made up of Ferrous BisGlycinate which is an iron amino acid chelate, closest to the bioavailable heme iron and has higher bioavailability than other ferrous salts and lesser known gastric issues comparatively. It contains Ascorbic acid to assure complete absorption and assimilation of the ferrous iron. Unived’s Iron for women is designed so it takes care of the daily iron requirements eliminating the risk of developing deficiency.

Key benefits:

  • 100% RDA of iron for women
  • Specially designed to meet high iron needs of women
  • Contains vitamin C that helps enhance iron absorption
  • Supports healthy iron levels in the body & helps reduce risk of iron deficiency anemia.
  • Helps promote hemoglobin synthesis.
  • Helps increase oxygen transport to various tissues.
  • Helps increase endurance capacity and energy efficiency.
  • Suitable for all women, women athletes, vegetarians and vegans
  • 60 vegan capsules per bottle – 2 month supply


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Ingredients Per Serving

Ferrous BisGlycinate (of which Elemental Iron 29mg): 193.4mg, Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid) 65mg

Serving Size

One Capsule


  • Helps maintain serum iron levels
  • Promotes hemoglobin synthesis
  • Increases oxygen transport to various tissues in the body
  • Helps reduce fatigue and tiredness
  • Helps increase endurance capacity and energy efficiency
  • Helps reduce the risk of development of iron deficiency anemia
  • Helps improve physical performance in athlete
  • Vitamin C ensures maximum absorption of iron
  • Helps compensate for iron loss due to menstruation
  • Healthy iron levels support healthy pregnancy
  • Supports immunity
  • Iron deficiency may cause premature graying & increase hair loss in women.

Product Description


Unived Women’s Iron provides 100% RDA of Iron for women and 100% RDA of vitamin C. It is formulated with Ferrous BisGlycinate, which is an iron amino acid chelate and has higher bioavailability than other ferrous salts and lesser known gastric issues comparatively. Thus, it is well absorbed and well tolerated. Unived Women’s Iron is designed to take care of the daily iron requirements for women eliminating the risk of developing deficiency. It is sufficient for female athletes as iron supplementation may also help improve performance because low iron levels are known to cause fatigue and breathlessness. Since precaution is better than cure, for an adult female it is advisable to supplement iron along with a healthy diet to become less susceptible to anemia.

Additional information

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Mode of Action

When Fe stores (i.e. serum ferritin- sFer) have become depleted but Hemoglobin (Hgb) has not yet declined to a level indicative of anemia, this is the beginning of functional or subclinical iron deficiency (ID), which affects compounds associated with muscle metabolism (e.g., tissue oxidative capacity), and may result in impaired endurance performance (e.g., energetic efficiency and endurance time)2.

Under conditions of severe Iron Deficiency, Hemoglobin synthesis may become compromised in addition to depleted iron stores causing iron deficiency anemia (IDA). With IDA, a range of physical performance measures are affected due to reduced oxygen transport (e.g., VO2max), as well as reduced tissue oxidative capacity (e.g., endurance capacity and energetic efficiency)2.

By research, eight studies showed that subjects supplemented with Iron had improved endurance times (e.g., longer time to exhaustion), faster TT times (e.g., completed a simulated race faster), and increased energetic efficiency (e.g., completed same amount of work using less energy) compared to those supplemented with placebo2.

Supports immunity[i]:

  • Iron works as cofactor for many enzymes of the immune system. Its deficiency is reported to cause impairment of cell-mediated immunity, mucosal immunity and proliferation of T- cells.
  • Underline inflammation may result is iron deficiency which further impairs RBC production, increases its destruction and there is reduced availability of iron. This process is called ‘nutritional immunity’ and is a defense mechanism against pathogens as they survive on free iron molecules. It is very important in this case to monitor the ferritin levels which indicate the iron stores of the body. If ferritin levels are low then the immunity of the person may be compromised after recovery from pathogens.

Thus Unived’s Women’s Iron being uniquely packed with vitamin C helps maintain higher serum ferritin levels which further prevents the compromise of hemoglobin synthesis. With adequate hemoglobin and iron levels there is enough oxygen transfer to tissues and Red blood cell generation thus it helps to reduce fatigue, breathlessness, prevents the risk of development of iron deficiency and increases endurance capacity and performance. Helps maintain adequate stores of ferritin iron and hemoglobin to support healthy pregnancy, monthly menstrual blood loss, immunity and prevent premature hair greying.

[i] Ranjit Kumar Chandra, “Iron-Zinc, Immune Responses, and Infection”, Nutrition, Immunity, and Infection in Infants and Children, edited by Robert M. Suskind and Kraisid Tontisirin. Nestle Nutrition Workshop Series, Pediatric Program, Vol. 45. Nestec Ltd., Vevey/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Philadelphia ©2001.

Why Ferrous BisGlycinate

Heme and Non Heme Iron: Dietary iron occurs in three major forms: ferrous iron (Fe2+), ferric iron (Fe3+), and heme iron (Fe2+ chelated into a complex organic compound to complete the heme structure, which occurs in hemoglobin, myoglobin, and certain enzymes).

A person can obtain iron from food in two different forms: heme and non heme. Heme iron is derived from hemoglobin, the protein in red blood cells that delivers oxygen to cells. Foods of animal origin have heme iron because these foods contained hemoglobin originally. Dietary iron from plant foods is called nonheme iron and is usually in ferric form. Heme iron is absorbed better than nonheme iron because heme iron can be absorbed directly into the small intestine, whereas nonheme iron requires a carrier. Vitamin C acts as a carrier and increases iron absorption1,[i].

Oral Iron supplements are commercially available as Fe salts and heme supplements, with the latter being more bioavailable. All of the ferrous salts have comparable rates of absorption and incidence of gastrointestinal adverse effects (e.g., constipation, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and darkened stools)2.

Ferrous form of iron is more close to heme iron. Ferrous bisglycinate is an iron amino acid chelate. It is formed by reaction of ferrous iron with two molecules of the amino acid glycine by a covalent bound in a process called chelation. Ferrous bisglycinate is known to have better compliance because of fewer gastrointestinal tract side effects. It also improves iron absorption, storage and increase hemoglobin level better than the conventionally used iron salts[ii].

[i] Sean R. Lynch and James D. Cook, “Interaction Of Vitamin C And Iron”, Annals New York Academy of Sciences, 1980

[ii] By Ma. Agnes A. Santiago, et. al., “Comparison of the efficacy of iron amino acid chelate and ferrous sulfate in the treatment of iron deficiency anemia among pregnant women seen at the out-patient department of a tertiary medical center on 2016-2017*”, Volume 42, Number 6, PJOG November-December 2018


Is Unived Women’s Iron with vitamin C to recover from iron deficiency?

Unived’s Women’s Iron is to supplement the gaps in daily nutrition. It provides 100% RDA of iron for women, which may be insufficient to treat deficiency in some cases and should be used to maintain healthy serum iron levels so as to prevent development of deficiency.

Does Unived Woman’s Iron supplement have side effects?

Unived’s Iron supplements are made with ferrous form of iron for easy uptake along with vitamin C to ensure complete absorption. The dosage of iron provided meets 100% Women’s RDA of iron and it is free from harmful fillers and excipients thus, there are no known side effects of this product.

Should everybody take Iron supplements everyday?

As said by Hippocrates, “everything in excess is opposed to nature”, so anything in excess is not beneficial, all things have a certain extent to which it is beneficial and going over that limit is not advisable. We recommend knowing your iron status before daily consumption. People who have low dietary iron intake, vegetarians, vegans, or faulty eating habits or taking calcium/zinc supplements, gastric disorders etc may have to take daily iron supplements for maintenance. However, it is not recommended for people with very high iron reserves and higher hemoglobin levels.

Should all athletes take Iron supplements?

Athletes are more prone to injury and cell damage due to training; they may also lose more iron through sweat, surgery, hemolysis due to running etc. In addition to this female athletes will also lose iron through menstruation, pregnancy or maybe child birth. This puts them more at risk of iron deficiency than non-active females. So, it is advisable for athletes specially females to take iron supplements along with healthy diet if their serum levels are low and for maintenance of serum iron.

Should all women take Iron supplements?

Iron deficiency anemia is more common in women than men for various reasons; however not all but women with low iron levels, breathlessness and tiredness should consider taking iron supplements.

If I have low energy level or fatigue should I take iron supplements?

Low energy and fatigue can be due to various reasons; iron deficiency is one of the many reasons. Not in all cases low energy is associated with iron deficiency. One must take iron supplements if their sure that the fatigue is due to low iron levels.

Is Unived Women’s Iron supplement suitable for vegetarians/ vegans?

Yes, our Women’s Iron capsules are a 100% vegetarian/vegan.

Will Unived Women’s Iron with vitamin C supplements cause constipation?

No. Constipation while taking iron supplements is usually due to undigested iron which is passed into the small intestine. Unived Women’s Iron is in ferrous form which is close to the most bioavailable heme iron, plus it is packed with vitamin C that enhances absorption so that there is little to no iron that is passed down undigested.

Suggested Use

Adults take 1 capsule daily, 1-2 hours before or after a meal with a glass of water. Not recommended to consume alongside antacids, zinc, calcium, and magnesium supplements.

Consuming tea or coffee immediately before or after taking iron supplement is not recommended also high levels of zinc, calcium, or magnesium and some antacids may interfere with the absorption of iron and will have less or no benefits of iron supplementation1.

Wait at least an hour before or after consuming Unived’s Iron supplement to drink coffee or tea and wait at least 6 hours before or after taking zinc, calcium, magnesium rich foods or supplements or antacids to consume Iron supplement.

Keeping count of time can get difficult so we suggest you switch your brunch options with any citrus fruit like oranges, melons or berries along with Unived’s Iron supplement. This will not interfere with your routine and facilitate absorption of iron.

The product contains ferrous form of iron which is recognized by the body, with vitamin C to enhance its absorption and the amount of iron provided is within the Recommended Dietary Allowance so it is completely safe to take. However we do not recommend this product to people with ferritin levels in the normal range and as with every dietary supplement we recommend taking advice from a physician/ dietitian before consumption of this product.

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