VeganMomy™ Women's DHA

Unived’s VeganMomy™ Women’s DHA is a single ingredient product containing a high purity 100% Algae Oil, standardized to 50% DHA content. A single capsule contains 500mg Algae Oil, delivering 250mg pure DHA.

Key Benefits

  • For Women, DHA supports mental wellbeing, heart, eyes, & bone health, amongst a host of other benefits.
  • During Pregnancy it plays a critical role in the development of the fetal brain, retina, & nervous system.
  • Postpartum DHA supports the growth of the child & the mother’s physical and mental health throughout gestation & lactation.


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Ingredients Per Serving

VeganMomy™ Women’s DHA: Algal Oil Schizochytrium sp. (50% DHA) 500mg, of which Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) 250mg

Serving Size

Prenatal - One Capsule | Postnatal Two Capsules

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Women's DHA Benefits

Product Description


Our VeganMomy™ Women’s DHA offers you pure, unadulterated, non-GMO, natural fermented vegan omega-3 DHA that is free of ocean borne contaminants and is 100% natural.

Each capsule contains 250mg of pure DHA.

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Why VeganMomy™?

Why VeganMomy


  • Supplements of DHA may improve memory and reaction times for healthy young people, says a new study that could ‘translate into far-reaching benefits’ .[26]
  • Adequate DHA supplementation reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and sudden cardiac death. It also combats the growth of atherosclerotic plaque by reducing inflammation, improves serum lipids and increases arterial elasticity thereby lowering pulse pressure.
  • It can significantly decrease heart rate and blood pressure. DHA also reduces the clotting ability of platelets, lowering the risk of heart attack and strokes.[23]

Pregnant and nursing women

DHA accounts for upto 97% of Omega-3 fatty acids in the brain and upto 93% of the Omega-3 fatty acids in the retina.

Over 70% of a child’s brain develops in the mother’s womb. During pregnancy, infants get their DHA from their mothers’ dietary intake. DHA supplementation supports optimal brain, eye, and nervous system development in the infant. Therefore, it is important for pregnant women to consume DHA, especially in the third trimester when there is significant brain development.

  • Omega-3 fatty acids are structural components of cell membranes – DHA specifically accumulates in the cell membranes of the retina, brain, and nervous system. Adequate levels of DHA throughout life are important for vision and learning.[16]
  • Most brain growth occurs during fetal life. When a baby is born, the body weight is only 5% of an adult but the brain size is 70% of the adult brain.[17] The central nervous system undergoes rapid growth in the first 12 months of life, and DHA content in the forebrain increases five-fold during this time.[18]
  • The developing baby’s only source of DHA for beginning to build brain tissue is its mother’s dietary intake. Early in life, DHA is supplied via the placenta and from breast milk. During the last trimester of pregnancy and first two years of childhood, DHA is especially important for vision and brain development.[19]
  • Studies have shown improved intelligence scores of breast fed children whose mothers took DHA supplements during pregnancy and nursing.
  • DHA supplementation also reduces the risk of preterm birth – a factor known to be associated with compromised cognitive development in the infant and maternal depression.[20]

Growing Children

Studies have proven that children who were born with pre DHA supplementation via the mother, and have been brought up with DHA supplementation – have a higher IQ and are healthier.

  • Most of the brain growth is completed by 5-6 years of age.[21] The human brain increases approximately 3.5 times in this period. During this time, DHA supplementation is vital in ensuring the normal development of the brain and eyes.
  • DHA has a h4 effect on aiding underachieving children.[22]
  • Children deprived of Omega-3s may have less ability to pay attention and control impulsive behavior and may be at a higher risk of depression.[23]
  • Adequate levels of DHA are required for proper brain and eye development and function. DHA is important for signal transmission in the brain, eye and nervous system.[24]
  • There were three randomised controlled trials carried out in 2009 on 229 infants. The studies concluded that 9 month old babies who were given supplemental DHA scored higher on a problem solving test as compared to babies not given DHA, suggesting that DHA may be essential for optimal cognitive development.[25]


Why is DHA important for women? 

DHA is a key nutrient responsible for the development and functionality of the brain, eyes, and heart, throughout life. It has tremendous benefits for women as it plays a role in regulating various hormone levels. It also improves cognitive functions, induces calmness, and is important for emotional and mental health.

DHA deficiency is more common when women are pregnant, and gets further depleted during pregnancy, as the placenta supplies the fetus with DHA from the mother’s tissue.  Depletion persists 9-12 months postpartum and, is worse with multiple pregnancies. Thus, oral DHA supplementation with the DHA is important for all women throughout life. 

Why is DHA important during pregnancy? 

The development of the nervous system and brain begins to develop with the early days after conception. DHA is the structural component of brain, eyes, heart and nervous system. As pregnancy progresses the development changes in to rapid and complex growth. Thus it is very important to take DHA right from conception throughout pregnancy.  

It is not just about the baby but the mother too benefits from regular DHA supplementation. DHA during pregnancy results in healthier immune function for the mother, improves gestation time, supports healthy labor and delivery outcomes and improves mood. 

Why does one need to continue Women’s DHA after pregnancy? 

As brain development is continuous in to early years of life, it is important that the mother has enough supply of DHA to maintain her levels as well as provide for the baby through breast milk.  

Suggested Use

Prenatal – consume one capsule post dinner.

Postnatal – consume two capsules post dinner.

We recommend consuming the complete range of VeganMomy™ Pre-Posnatal products, for a wholesome and complete nutrition intake during & post pregnancy.

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