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When you commit yourself to your dream and express it in achievable goals, you provide yourself with a visual reminder of where you are going and how you hope to get there. Train smarter and finish stronger!


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Log History

We set a couple of fitness and racing goals for 2016. In a bid to help us prepare to achieve our goals, we began designing a training log towards the end of 2015. The idea was to have a format which would help us document, track, and analyze our workouts, food, and nutrition intake.

We wanted a hand-book, opposed to an excel sheet, to bring back the old World charm. The format was to be simple, and yet all inclusive to incorporate everything from what we ate in the day, to how much we slept, to our workout data for the day, water intake, as well as nutrition intake.

We really liked the way it turned out, and so thought about making it available for others, and so was born The RRUNN Training Log.

The Log

The RRUNN Training Log has been designed to help athletes across sports determine and document their goals, plan and clearly document their workouts, and also track their daily sleep as well as water, food, and nutrition intake.

What you cannot measure – you cannot manage. And, so we wanted to measure everything.

With the RRUNN Training Log for Athletes you can:

  • Record all your personal details
  • Record your blood type
  • Record your PBs for each distance – 5k, 10k, 15k, 21k, 42k, Ultra – for each quarter
  • Set your goals for the year
  • Document your daily water intake
  • Document your daily workouts
  • Document your daily sleep
  • Document your daily food intake
  • Document your daily run inclusive of all relevant data
  • 365 pages for daily documentation
  • + additional sections for quarterly inputs

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