Unived Passport Wallet

A well designed passport wallet and document holder, for the athlete on the go. This can hold all your travel documents, money, credit & debit cards, passport, ID’s, photographs, a pen and a note book, and much more! It has a removal wrist loop so you can secure it when required.


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Product Description



The RRUNN™ Passport Travel Wallet has been designed for the athlete on the go. It holds all your travel documents, irrespective of domestic or international travel. Everything from your passport, ticket copy, boarding pass, cards, currency, coins, keys, photographs, and even a small notebook & pen can fit into this.

The bag comes with a wrist loop which ensures it is secured to your hand – you have the option to remove this loop if you do not wish to use it.


  • 5 separate slots for all your cards
  • A zipped see-through pocket for your ID’s or any cash
  • A large access pocket under this layer
  • A webbed pen holder

On the Left

  • A see-through case for your passport
  • Another case above it for any other travel documents
  • And a third larger case for your boarding pass and other documents

On the Outside

  • A zipper pocket on the front for easy to access items
  • A removable wrist-loop that can be used to secure the bag to your hand
  • Water resistant material


Weight: 91.2g
Fabric: Dobby Polyester
Dimensions: 25 cm x 13 cm x 2.5 cm
Volume: 0.8 Liters, 48.8 cubic inch

Additional information

Weight 0.2010616 kg
Dimensions 9.842519685 × 5.118110236 × 0.984251969 cm
  • Special Box
  • COA