Calf Compression Sleeve

  • UNIRIB™ structure for performance grade calf support and vibration absorption.
  • Progressive 20-30mmHg graduated compression helps increase circulation, which can help prevent shin splints, delayed onset muscle soreness, and common overuse injuries.
  • UNIMESH™ embedded within the compression for enhanced breathability.
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Product Description


The Unived Calf Compression Sleeve CCS1 offers a graduated compression of 20-30mmHg supporting reduction of muscle vibration and on-the-go recovery.

Calf Compression Sleeves are used during long runs & races to help reduce impact related muscle fatigue, increase blood circulation, and prevent shin-splits.Our unique design incorporates a UNIRIB™ and UNIMESH™ woven structure in specific areas, such as the calf & shin areas, to give targeted relief & breathability.

Graduated compression helps recruit oxygen to the muscles, thereby enhancing performance and facilitating recovery. Use compression sleeves on runs beyond 2 hours, and certainly in both road & trail races. You can also use these post long runs & races to help with recovery.

This is not your ordinary sports sock or athletic sock, it has been designed to support you in just the right areas. If you are looking for a good quality compression sock or compression sleeve, you will not be disappointed.

20-30mmHg Graduated Compression

  • Reduces impact related muscle fatigue
  • Recruits oxygen to the muscles, enhancing performance & enabling recovery
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Helps prevent shin splints

UNIMESH™ Ventilation

  • Mesh structures strategically woven in the right areas to help with ventilation and ensure maximum airflow
  • Prevents overheating

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