Elite Beet-420™

Unived’s Elite Beet-420™  is derived from Non-GMO beetroots, and manufactured through a proprietary aqueous extraction process, which results in minimal oxalate and high mineral content, and is standardized to 6.5% dietary nitrate content.

Each individual serving delivers 420mg pure dietary nitrates. Nitrates help increase blood flow to our muscles, thereby supporting oxygen uptake, and are ideal for optimal sports performance.

Key Benefits

  • Supports optimal sports performance
  • Improved energy, stamina, and endurance
  • Efficient oxygen uptake & extended exercise endurance
  • May support respiratory health and healthy blood pressure levels


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Ingredients Per Serving

Beetroot (Beta vulgaris) Extract (Standardized to 6.5% Dietary Nitrates) 6.5g (of which 420mg pure dietary nitrates)

Serving Size

One Sachet


  • Improve energy and stamina 
  • Promote oxygen efficiency and skeletal muscle blood flow
  • Lower exercise mean arterial pressure 
  • Increase O2 uptake (VO2) during skeletal muscle contractions 
  • Maintain muscle glycogen concentration 

Product Description


Unived’s Elite Beet-420 is a 100% natural, 100% water soluble, 100% solvent free, beetroot extract which is standardized to 6.5% dietary nitrates, which as we understand is the highest concentration of beet-derived nitrates in the World at the moment.

It is produced from non-GMO beets, using a aqueous extraction process, making it 100% solvent free, and with minimal oxalate content.

Each 7g individual sachet delivers 420mg pure dietary nitrates, which is equivalent to about 155g of raw beets.

Dietary Nitrates help with blood flow to the muscles while supporting oxygen uptake by the muscles, making them ideal for sports performance. Elite Beet-420 is a standardized product developed to support endurance & performance and it provides a high concentration of natural dietary nitrates.

Additional information

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Mode of Action

  • Once ingested, the nitrate (NO3) is reduced to nitrite (NO2), by anaerobic bacteria in the oral cavity by the action of nitrate reductase enzymes and then to nitric oxide (NO) in the stomach. This physiological mechanism depends on the entero-salivary circulation of inorganic nitrate without involving NOS activityi 
  • Once in the acidic stomach, nitrite is instantly decomposed to convert to NO and other nitrogen oxides performing determinant physiological functions. Nitrate and remaining nitrite is absorbed from the intestine into the circulation, which can become bioactive NO in tissues and blood under physiological hypoxia1. 
  • NO induces several physiological mechanisms that influence O2 utilization during contraction skeletal muscle. Physiological mechanisms for NO2 reduction are facilitated by hypoxic conditions; therefore, NO (vasodilator) is produced in those parts of muscle that are consuming or in need of more O2. This mechanism would allow local blood flow to adapt to O2 requirement, providing within skeletal muscle an adequate homogeneous distribution. This physiological response could be positive in terms of muscle function during exercise improving performance1. 
  • Nitric oxide, being a major vasodialator that can increase blood flow to muscles and promote oxygen transfer in the muscle. Additional physiological benefits of NO include improved mitochondrial efficiency and glucose uptake in muscle and enhanced muscle contraction and relaxation processes1. 
  • It is known that NO has an important role in the adaptation processes under hypoxic conditions, the vasodilatory effects of NO may favor oxygen delivery, and supplementation with beetroot juice could be effective in reducing the ergolytic effects of hypoxia on cardiorespiratory endurance1. 

Athletic Performance

  • A study in trained cyclists found that beetroot juice supplementation improves performance by 0.8% in a 50-mile test. These findings suggests that beetroot juice might have an ergogenic effect, increasing performance in prolonged cycling events that require alternations in relative intensity, from moderate to high VO2max, which is very characteristic of the stages of cycling racesiii. 
  • NO3 supplementation increased the capacity for muscle diffusive O2 transport across active muscle sites, as reflected by higher end-exercise deoxy [Hb + Mb] and total [Hb + Mb], which correlated with a lower VO2Sc amplitude. These helps understand the mechanisms by which short-term NO3supplementation can improve efficiency during continuous submaximal exercise3. 
  • It appears that acute supplementation with beetroot juice increases the power output with the same VO2 levels. This is an interesting finding for athletes as there is evidence that the economy is a key factor to improve cardio-respiratory performance increasing energy efficiency in endurance sports modalities. Time to exhaustion at several intensities (60%–100% VO2max, MAP or VT1) is another usual performance parameter that is improved with acute beetroot supplementation1. 
  • During the 2-h moderate-intensity exercise bout, plasma [NO2] declined by ~17% in BR +PL but increased by ~8% in BR+BR such that, at 2 h, plasma [NO2] was greater in BR+BR than both BR+PL and PL+PL (P<0.05)iv 

VO2 was not different among conditions over the first 90 min of exercise but was lower at 120 min in study group compared to placebo4 

The decline in muscle glycogen concentration over the 2-h exercise bout was attenuated in study group (~28% decline) compared with placebo (~44% decline)4. 

Thus, beetroot supplementation before and during prolonged moderate-intensity exercise attenuated the progressive rise in VO2 over time and appeared to reduce muscle glycogen depletion4. 


How does Unived’s Elite Beet-420 improve athletic performance? 

Unived’s Elite Beet-420 which is a beetroot extract standardized to 6.5% natural Dietary Nitrate. The body converts these dietary nitrates to Nitric Oxide (N-O), which helps to support circulation, and thus, the volume and speed of nutrient delivery to the muscles. All which improve energy efficiency for performance and recovery. 

Who can use Unived’s Elite Beet-420? 

The product can be consumed by both professional as well as recreational strength & endurance athletes. It can also be consumed by individuals looking to lower blood pressure.

Is regular beetroot juice different from Unived’s Elite Beet-420? 

Raw beetroots have only 0.25% – 0.3% dietary nitrates where as Unived’s Elite Beet-420 is standardized to 6.5% dietary nitrates.

Suggested Use

Mix one sachet in 8oz (250ml) water, stir until dissolved. Consume 30-45min prior to your endurance activity.

For optimal results, we recommend consuming this in the morning before brushing your teeth. Brushing teeth, or using mouth wash, destroys oral bacteria prevalent in the mouth which play an essential role in nitric oxide production.

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