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RRUNN™ Pre is a pre-workout energy mix with a blend of simple and complex, high-glycemic and low-glycemic carbohydrates. By consuming RRUNN™ Pre 15 minutes prior to your run, you have instant energy for a great start, and sustained, slow release of energy that stays with you for the long haul. Available in orange, watermelon, and green tea (caffeinated) flavour. No artificial colours, no preservatives, natural, gluten-free, and vegan.

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It’s 15 minutes before your endurance activity, your body needs enough energy to give you both, a confident start and sustained momentum. While a single source pre-workout energy mix of instant energy can propel you at the beginning, if it’s not combined with a sustained energy source, you will soon start to experience spiking and dropping. This can wear you down physically, impact your mental stamina and adversely affect your performance. Adequate amounts of carbohydrates in the system can avoid these highs and lows, and ensure that once you start, you don’t slow down.

RRUNN™ Pre is a blend of simple and complex, high-glycemic and low-glycemic carbohydrates. Dextrose in RRUNN™ Pre is a 100 GI high-glycemic carbohydrate. It is easily digestible, breaks down quickly and is rapidly absorbed by the body – giving you the instant burst of energy you need at the crucial beginning stages of your activity.

Isomaltulose is a 32GI low-glycemic carbohydrate which is difficult to break down. Isomaltulose releases energy in a gradual, more prolonged manner and this energy lasts for up to 120 minutes of your activity. The 32GI carbohydrate also that ensures your body’s own carbohydrate stores don’t get used up too early, so you can tap into this precious energy source when you need it the most in the later stages of your endurance activity.

These carbohydrates are non-competing and synergistic. Once you have raced through the surge of instant energy from the high GI carbohydrate, the low GI carb kicks in with the sustained energy support – helping you to maintain your head-start. You don’t experience a lag between the instant and sustained energy support, which means no sugar spikes and no ‘crashing’.

These synergistic carbohydrates help you surge ahead, and once you achieve your peak, they help you stay on top without dropping.

Who should use RRUNN™ Pre – Pre-Workout Energy Mix?

RRUNN™ Pre is suitable for athletes of all ages, and across all endurance sports such as running, cycling, football, cricket, hockey, swimming, as well as demanding competitions such as marathons, ultra-marathons, cycling, and other activities that test your physical and mental strength.

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Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

Suggested Use

Take 1 serving in 235ml (8 oz) of water, 15 minutes prior to starting your activity. You can repeat 1 serving of RRUNN™ Pre after every 120 minutes. This is highly recommended for anyone doing an endurance activity over 4 hrs.


The RRUNN™ range adheres to the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) guidelines, and the products do not contain any banned substances. However, please note that WADA does not offer any certification or written confirmation of the same.

The RRUNN™ System

RRUNN™ Pre is part of the RRUNN™ System, along with RRUNN™ During – Hydration & Endurance and RRUNN™ Post – Complete System Recovery. The three formulations of RRUNN™ – Pre, During and Post – are each scientifically calibrated to supply carbohydrates, electrolytes, endurance, & recovery supplementation to address the physical, mental, and physiological requirements of an athlete during every stage of an endurance activity. You can also incorporate RRUNN™ Endurance Energy Gel and RRUNN™ Electrolyte Salt Caps into your regimen.

When performances peak, passions soar, recreational sports turn competitive, and athletes become professionals. With RRUNN™ , the wind is at your back.


What carbohydrates are in RRUNN™ Pre?

RRUNN™ Pre is a blend of Dextrose, a simple, high GI carbohydrate and Isomaltulose, a complex low GI carbohydrate. Dextrose supplies you with instant energy, while Isomaltulose is a source of slower, more sustained energy.

Why is RRUNN™ Pre superior to other pre-workout energy drinks?

Most other energy sports drinks only provide a high GI carbohydrate of 100, which means it only supplies instant energy, and not sustained energy. RRUNN™’s blend of high GI and low GI carbohydrates gives you both – instant energy, and long lasting energy, making it the ideal pre-workout energy mix.

When do I consume RRUNN™ Pre – Pre-Workout Energy Mix?

RRUNN™ Pre should ideally be consumed 15 minutes before a run or any other endurance activity. One serving of RRUNN™ Pre in 235ml of water should give you plenty of instant energy and sustained energy to last you for up to 120 minutes of your endurance activity. You can opt to take 1 serving of RRUNN™ Pre  after every 120 minutes. This is particularly recommended for anyone doing a triathlon, ultra, full marathon, or any other endurance activity lasting over 4 hours.

Can I incorporate RRUNN™ Pre into my training?

Yes! In fact, we recommend that you do, so your body can acclimatize to it and you get the best results from RRUNN™ Pre on race day.

Is RRUNN™ Pre suitable for vegans?

Yes. RRUNN™ Pre – pre-workout energy mix is suitable for vegans and it is certified vegan by the Vegan society, UK. We do not use animal ingredients and our products are not tested on animals.

Who should consume RRUNN™ Pre

RRUNN™ Pre – pre-workout energy mix is suitable for athletes of all ages, and across all endurance sports such as running, cycling, football, cricket, hockey, swimming, as well as demanding competitions such as marathons, ultra-marathons, long-distance running, triathlon, and other activities that test your physical and mental strength.

Does RRUNN™ Pre contain caffeine?

We do have an option that has 100mg of caffeine. You can opt to buy our RRUNN™ Pre Green Tea Flavor if you prefer a caffeinated option.

Does RRUNN™ Pre contain any banned substances?

As the RRUNN™ range has been formulated in accordance with the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) guidelines, RRUNN™ Pre does not contain any banned substances. However, please note that WADA does not offer any certification or written confirmation of the same.


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2. Brouns, Fredericus Johannes, and Jacques Georges Simon. “Isomaltulose or trehalose containing comestibles for sustained carbohydrate energy release and increased fat oxidation.” U.S. Patent Application 10/565,367, filed July 16, 2004.

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Orange, Green Tea (Caffeinated), Watermelon


Box of 6 Servings, Jar of 18 Servings, Pack of 21 Servings

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  1. Anil Jindal (verified owner)

    RRUNN orange nice flavor.

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  2. aritras (verified owner)

    The Unived Energy Mix is one of its kind. The perfect dose for an upbeat performance. It doesn’t make you feel exerted even after a long run of 12-15kms in peak summers. Highly recommend stuff.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  3. A singhal (verified owner)

    I have used it few times during my training and recently used it on race day…I don’t have words for this…it’s simply too good…I could reduce my half marathon timing from 2:11:15 to 2:03:50 and now planning to do it under 2 next week. I see no crushing after run. I have used 6 satche till date and I see no side effect till now. All the best.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  4. Akshay Badakere (verified owner)

    My wife swathi and I both do weight training and running I was introduced to your products by running coach ashok nath We are currently using pre workout and recovery products. They have made a big difference to our runs and in recovery. Thank you. We rate it 5 on 5..the recovery drink taste can improve though

    Was this review helpful to you?
  5. Mrutyunjay Mahapatra

    Using Unived range of products for last one year. The Rrun range of salt caps, gels and pre, during and post run powders have enabled me to run better and faster. Earlier 50 to 60 minutes into my run I used to feel short on energy and pull with will power. Now the salt caps and gels of Unived helped me get over that. Recently have started using the pea protein of Unived and their Coffee and Tea. The products are comparable to the best in the world in results especially for 50+  active persons like me

    Was this review helpful to you?
  6. Durvankur Patil

    I recently started using this product and there is a substantial improvement in my performance. The initial phase of running, especially early in the morning is a difficult one. The body takes time to wake up and it becomes important to get it energized as soon as possible. With the Pre – Instant & Sustained Energy, not only did my body feels energetic right from the start, but also helps me to maintain the momentum for a longer period.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  7. Vasanth Balachandran

    Great Product.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  8. Ashima Mehra (verified owner)

    I was introduced to Unived by my Coach. He suggested I try the pre run and during while training for my marathon, and I cannot be happier with these two products. I am partial towards the watermelon flavour and used it for fueling all through training and the final day too! Also available in smaller sachets, these are good to carry when you are going out of town for a marathon.I have also ordered the Carbo-Veg but am still to make it a regular part of my diet. Unived delivers fast and are extremely professional. I love whatever I have tried! Next on my list is the supergreens!!

    Was this review helpful to you?
  9. Rama Chandran

    I am a Runner, Martial Artist, Lift weights and practice yoga occasionally. After a year of non running due to injury, I started running again this year and set my sight for a 100k in August. I decided to take some before and during supplements for my hard workouts. So I decided to give Unived products a try as it’s an Indian product and they promised this as close to natural.I took rrunn pre and during for my speed workouts, hill runs and 3 hr runs and found amazingly energetic. I could see the difference with and without the supplements. I will strongly recommend both the products to anyone who wants to train hard and finish strong.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  10. Sukhchain Singh

    I’m a long distance runner and do take part in brevets too in cycling. I’ve been using Unived products(pre workout, during, post workout, Salt capsules, lean protein) for last six months. I’ve tried many other brands earlier, but was never satisfied. Finally, my search ended with Unived. I’ve seen improvement in my performance and strongly recommend their products

    Was this review helpful to you?
  11. Ajit Shinde

    Right kind of nutrition is extremely important for an athlete. I am a Runner, Cyclist, Trekker but was always sceptical about any kind of energy drinks or supplement intake. Started using Unived’s RRUNN Pre & During Run Endurance Gels since last few marathons and they have worked brilliantly for me. Unived products has helped improve my endurance levels.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  12. Venkatraman Pichumani

    It is a sports nutrition fact that the body has a differing nutritional needs during the 3 stages of running. Current products in the market are designed with a one-size-fits-all approach. They do not meet the needs of a discerning runner who cares for catering to the superior training demands of his body.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  13. Ashok Nath

    With its right mix of low & high GI carbs, RRUNN (Pre) nicely addresses the needs of a runner as energy is now available across the workout. Its refreshing lemon taste is a nice touch to make its usage more palatable.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  14. BJ Vikram

    I started using RRUNN before and during my trainings for SCMM. It really helped me to push myself harder in long intervals and helped me recover between sets faster than before.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  15. Rajesh Chandolia

    Considering the hectic lifestyles that most of us amateur runners lead, it is practically impossible to regularly follow a diet that would help the body shape up for long runs. That’s where a product like RRUNN Pre is extremely helpful as it gets the body systems ready and charged up just before a long run. I have noticed a considerable difference in my endurance levels during runs after I have started using this product.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  16. Sayuri Dalvi

    I had tried the very very early samples of RRUNN series of pre, during and post products 2 years ago, and now. From then to this, right from texture, taste, flavours and the benefits have come a long positive way. Nothing comes close to beat this series. My use is extensive with the pre and post. Though hard to pick, I will favour orange flavour because I found it very refreshing when I have it chilled. It sustains me a good 10kms with absolutely no hydration whatsoever. It takes care of short tempo runs and also the initial stage of a long run. Though I don’t carry the hydration much because I carry gels earlier (now flask) and buy water on route, I happened it to use it for 4 races and used it only after half the race. RRUNN Post happens to top my list with coco vanilla being my favorite. All 3 together make for a perfect solution to training and racing needs.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  17. Hormuzd Mulla

    I discovered RRUNN Pre as a freebie in a goodie bag in 2014. I found it to be a good supplement which kept my energy levels high through the race, without giving me an upset stomach. The taste and the after-taste were great, and I have been a regular and loyal buyer since. Having tried, tested (and recommended) RRUNN Pre, I plan on trying out their RRUNN During supplement soon.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  18. Amit Bang

    I am a Doctor by profession and Runner by passion. Using Unived products since last 3 months and they are amazing. RRUNN PRE gives you a perfect feeling which is required before any work outs. I use it before gym workouts as well.Best wishes for Unived.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  19. Abhishek Dutta

    I have been running for 3 years now and have tried a number of drinks, gels and bars. Nothing really helped when I was running more than 100kms. I started using Unived RRUNN products (Pre, during and the post drinks) and they have really helped in improving my performance in my long runs. Unlike gels and other energy drinks RRUNN products are mild on the stomach and do not cause any discomfort or issues during or after the race. I am very happy with the product and its effect on my performance.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  20. Sudhir Santaram

    RRUNN Pre – is also an excellent pre-drink providing energy at start keep me full for my 2 hrs run or say for a Half Marathon. Very very satisfied with the product. Wishing All the Best for RRUNN team.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  21. Mahesh Parihar

    I have been running for 4 years but not able to crack the sub 2 half marathon, and then very first time tried RRUNN Pre and RRUNN during in my practice run and Salt Capsule mainly in summer season when Mumbai heat and humidity on peak and its really helped to improve my performance in long runs without any side effects. Thanks to Unived for innovation in this space.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  22. Paul Giblin

    Unived’s RRUNN Pre-During-Post is the most comprehensive hydration and nutrition system that I’ve seen for ultra endurance athletes. They’ve taken the time to understand the different fuelling requirements of a long race or training run and made it much easier to give your body what it needs at the right time – from pre-race priming, to sustaining energy levels throughout the race and recovery afterwards. In order to race at an elite level I train hard and I’m incredibly careful about by my nutrition – from every meal I eat, to how I fuel my key workouts and races. The RRUNN Pre-During-Post system means I don’t have to compromise with sugar-only products that provide nothing more than short lived energy spikes with no consideration for ongoing health and recovery. The products are easy to use, to carry and to mix, and the new range of natural and neutral flavours reduces taste-fatigue on those long runs and races. Unived has a passion for delivering well-researched, high quality products using natural (and vegan) ingredients which help me to perform at my best in some of the toughest ultra races on the planet.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  23. Swetha Devaraj

    Unived’s pre-during-post supplements have had an amazing effect on my body in terms of energizing, fueling and recovery. I was used to taking synthetic supplements that are popular in the market with an overload of artificial flavour and caffeine. Which often gave me a sugar crash. Unived’s pre-rrunn just has the cleanest feeling to it without any artificial flavors or caffeine that gives you jitters. I have tried to find supplements that helps to fuel ourselves during races in India but hadn’t found anything that comes close to RRUNN During. And recently our team learnt about hypotonic, hypertonic, and isotonic qualities of these drinks and it feels great to know how we are putting the exactly the right kind of fuel into our bodies, especially the isotonic quality of during supplement that quenches thirst and gives you energy. The flavors have been improvised and taste great without the overpowering nature and just enough to leave you refreshed and wanting for more. RRUNN Post is very impressive in terms of recovery for me especially because I work all day post my workouts or long runs every day and it keeps me going at least till lunch without feeling too much fatigue. I am a lucky person to be in Unived’s team of athletes and to be able to feed my body the right fuel I need in order to get better and better with my performance and achieve my goals.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  24. Manoj Rane

    For any athlete pumping in carbohydrates is so important and it can be challenging if the feeding stations only offer water. The team at Unived has really understood the intensity, duration, and other factors that go into fueling a race/run. Unived’s RRUNN kit is researched and designed perfectly for such runners. I have used Unived’s RRUNN Pre-During-Post-gels and they have worked brilliantly for me. The products are perfectly concentrated giving you the exact level of energy required through the long runs. The flavors are brilliant, my favorite being Spl. Orange & Watermelon. It also offers you few other flavor options.I use the PRE Run relatively early before the race, followed by the DURING which I also use often for my speed interval training which varies from 400m- 1200m reps. The training sessions and runs are followed by POST or Lean Protein which  helps you recover well and with minimal fatigue. I would strongly recommend this combination of Unived’s RRUNN which can be good for long distance runners who are struggling to take on enough carbohydrate during a race.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  25. Kieren D’Souza

    I just love the RRUNN range of products. Been my regular for over a year now. I have been using the new flavours for the last few months, during La Ultra – The High and Spartathlon. Undoubtedly my go-to products for before, after and during a run, these new flavours are just brilliant.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  26. Sunil Menon

    The new RRUNN products for me fall under three Ts- Tamper free ingredients, Tastes awesome and Triggers high performance. It’s the best fuel for your body.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  27. Aravind Kumar

    For an ultra-marathoner, a lot of attention to detail is required especially when it comes to nutrition. I have been using Unived products for more than a year now and they are definitely one of the best in class & quality. I am extremely satisfied with the products and they have played a key role in enhancing my performance.  Making all the products, sugar-free is Icing on the cake. _x000D_
    The RuNN Pre is a perfect blend of complex & simple carbs required before a long run. I love the various flavours in RRUNN During  and this helps a lot, especially when I am running for a long time & the body is not willing to adapt to a particular flavor.  The New Coco vanilla RUNN POST is definitely the best recovery drink I have ever had and I love the flavour. The new RRUNN post comes with a whooping 10gms of protein and also satisfies my everyday protein needs. _x000D_
    I feel extremely happy to be associated with Unived as they strive every day to make their products better, more customer –friendly based on user feedback

    Was this review helpful to you?
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