RRUNN Endurance Energy Gel for Running & Cycling

RRUNN Endurance Energy Gel for Running & Cycling

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RRUNN™ Endurance Energy Gel box contains 6 sachets and it’s India’s first homegrown, ready-to-use sports gel that delivers quick-release carbohydrates, replenishing electrolytes, environmental stress protective osmolyte, and performance boosting amino acids for endurance athletes on the go. Designed as a convenient grab-&-go gel, RRUNN™ Endurance Gel is ideal race day or training fuel for endurance athletes across sports.

NOTE: At the moment we have run out of Mandarin Orange ‘packaging material’ so we are dispatching this flavour in a different packing material. We hope to receive the packing material from the printers soon.

Espresso Cappuccino (Caffeinated)Mandarin OrangeSalted Caramel
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RRUNN™ Endurance Gel is a sports energy gel that provides all the energy and endurance support that you need- in a highly palatable, easily digestible, and super portable gel form. Unlike other energy gels, RRUNN™ Endurance Gel is a water-based gel with fresh and light consistency which makes easy to ingest, and extremely easy to digest. The concentration of RRUNN™ Endurance Gel allows for the nutrients be absorbed instantaneously by the system, unleashing a quick endurance and energy boost. The gel fits in easily with the rest of your gear, and can be conveniently taken along in a hydration pack or waist pouch. It is as light on your hydration pack as it is on your stomach.

RRUNN™ Endurance Gel comes free of baggage – literally, and figuratively. Which means no unnecessary ingredients, no gluten, and no synthetic amino acids.

Unived RRUNN Endurance Energy Gel - The Ideal Running Gel

Understanding the energy metabolism

In physiological terms, the fat that we get from our diet is the biggest source of fuel that our body utilizes to generate energy for its daily functions. The fat metabolism is a slow process, i.e. the body breaks down fat very slowly to release energy. However, this means that fat is not the best source of energy for athletes who are engaged in high-intensity exercise, as their energy needs are higher and more immediate. Hence, athletes prefer carbohydrates as their primary source of energy, as they are metabolized by the body much faster to release instant energy.

Typically, the carbohydrates from food are stored in two forms: glycogen and glucose[1]. When at rest, the body stores the glycogen in your muscles and liver, to be utilized when necessary. When you are engaged in high intensity exercise, these glycogen reserves are mobilized and broken down systematically to release energy. However, during very intense exercise like endurance events, the body soon starts to deplete its available glycogen sources[1].

Faced with a deficit, your body switches to using the glucose present in your blood stream as its main energy source. At this juncture, if the body is not supplied with a new source of glucose, you will start experiencing the phenomenon of ‘spiking and dropping’ or ‘bonking’, which results in a loss of energy, fatigue, and physical and mental inability to go on. At these critical stages of your activity, RRUNN™ energy gel steps in to recharge you with a complete energy and endurance source that can be quickly absorbed by your body to replenish its depleted energy sources.

Energy boost

As an endurance athlete, you need high-quality energy, and you need it NOW. RRUNN™ Endurance Gel packs in non-GMO Dextrose & Maltodextrin, high-GI carbohydrates that are instantly available to the body to be broken down for fast releasing energy. These carbs rapidly travels to blood, correcting the glucose deficit in the blood stream and infusing you with a renewed source of energy to dip into. With these energy-dense carbohydrates, RRUNN™ energy gel prevents sugar crashes and bonking. Both of these carbs are high quality carbohydrates, which means you get prime, nutrient-rich calories.

Hydration is a major factor in determining performance, which in turn, is regulated by blood glucose levels. As RRUNN™ Endurance Gel maintains blood glucose levels, optimal hydration levels are available to your body at all times during activity.

Recharging electrolyte levels

Electrolytes are a key variable in determining sports performance as they mediate the constant transport of nutrients, enzymes, and water in and out of cells[2]. These precious nutrients are the first casualty of exercise, as they are easily lost via sweat and urine. Our energy gel has been designed around your physiology, to recharge you with the major electrolytes that will give you strategic performance gains, no matter what your activity.

Refueling with sodium and chloride redirects precious fluids to your cells and major tissues, eliminating mid-activity cramps, nausea, fatigue, and stomach distress. A sodium top-up prevents the ‘gut bomb’ affect (vomiting during races) and ‘hyponatremia’ (nausea, fatigue, confusion) during long distances[2].

RRUNN™ Endurance Gel is the first sports gel in India with chloride and magnesium in its formulation. Chloride works closely with sodium to regulate the body-water balance, helping you retain water better. It also limits the amount of precious hydration reserves lost to sweat and urine, and maintains the necessary volume of fluids in your blood[2].

Magnesium is gaining prominence as a factor in influencing mid-race performance. Deficiency can result in a sub-optimal performance, as magnesium is important for the proper transmission of nerve impulses, muscular contraction, and energy production processes[3]. Magnesium can also have a direct impact on the utilization of sodium, potassium, and calcium by the muscles. The longer and more intense your exercise, the faster the depletion of magnesium levels through sweat and urine. This depletion, if not corrected, can cause muscle cramping, irregular heart rate, and fatigue[3].

Magnesium is not naturally produced by the body, and is only obtained through food sources like green leafy vegetables or fortified cereal – which are foods that you cannot feasibly consume during your activity- making supplementation all the more essential. Unlike leading sports gels in the market, RRUNN™ Endurance Gel has been designed to be a source of magnesium. One sachet of RRUNN™ Endurance Gel supplies you with 10mg of magnesium, ensuring that the levels are adequate for proper muscle function, and that your body does not leech its precious magnesium reserves.

RRUNN™ Endurance Gel also helps you load up on potassium[4], a major electrolyte that works closely with sodium and chloride in maintaining hydration, and in generating electrical impulses in the nerves and muscles, including the heart. This translates to better muscle performance, even at the stage when you have already logged in several miles[4].

Sustained endurance support

Unlike training and nutrition, the weather is a factor of performance that is out of your control. Your endurance capability can rapidly deteriorate in challenging hot and humid conditions. However, you can take charge of your fueling to ensure that your body remains shielded from less-than-ideal weather conditions and still performs to its best potential.

RRUNN™ Endurance Gel is fortified with Sustamine™ – a dipeptide-bond of L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine, which increase fluid uptake across your system and keep the hydration pathway functioning smoothly – regardless of whether it’s rain or sunshine on the outside. When Mother Nature cranks up the heat, L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine help your body transition to hotter conditions without compromising on performance[5].

A common side-effect that endurance athletes experience is flu-like symptoms after a long training session or race. This is because the body’s immune system is somewhat weakened immediately after strenuous physical activity. L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine modulate the immune response, and prevent your recovery getting hampered by opportunistic infections[5].

RRUNN™ energy gel also gives you an edge with Betaine, an organic osmolyte that safeguards cells against the detrimental effects of extreme temperature, salinity and humidity[6]. Betaine insulates the cells and organs, and ensures that they are constantly receiving optimal hydration.

Erythrocytes, the red blood cells that carry oxygen, are also protected by Betaine from extreme hydration imbalances. Erythrocytes are vulnerable to shriveling (due to dehydration) or bursting (due to excessive hydration), which can have a damaging effect on the oxygen supply to your muscles, brain and heart. With Betaine, RRUNN™ Endurance Gel shields erythrocytes from these extremes, by maintaining a balanced fluid environment inside and outside of cells[6].

Who should use RRUNN™ energy gel?

RRUNN™ energy gel is suitable for athletes of all ages, and across all endurance sports such as running, cycling, football, cricket, hockey, swimming, as well as demanding competitions such as marathons, ultra-marathons, long-distance running, triathlons, and other activities that test your physical and mental strength.

Comparison Chart

Energy Gels for Endurance Running and Cycling

Suggested use of Unived RRUNN™ Energy Gel

Depending on the intensity and duration of your activity, one sachet of RRUNN™ Endurance Gel should be consumed 20 minutes before your activity. There after, one sachet of the energy gel should be consumed every 40 minutes. For each gel consumed, we highly recommend drinking 200ml of water. This facilitates dilution of the gel, making it easier for your body to absorb the nutrients immediately. Drinking water immediately after taking RRUNN™ Endurance Gel also corrects any hydration imbalances, and helps ease any gastrointestinal distress that you might be experiencing due to the intensity of your activity.

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts - RRUNN Endurance GelNutrition Facts - Unived RRUNN Endurance PerformanceNutrition Facts - Unived RRUNN for Endurance Running & Cycling


RRUNN™ Endurance Gel strictly adheres to WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) guidelines, and does not contain any banned substances. However, please note that WADA does not offer any certification, or confirmation (written or otherwise) of the same.

The RRUNN System

RRUNN™ Endurance Gel is part of the RRUNN™ System of sports drinks, along with RRUNN™ Pre – Instant and Sustained Energy, RRUNN™ During – Hydration and Endurance, RRUNN™ Post – Complete System Recovery, and RRUNN™ Electrolyte Salt Caps. The RRUNN™ System is a series of cutting-edge sports nutrition products designed to meet the physiological needs of performance athletes at every stage of their activity.

While the RRUNN™ sports drinks are available as water-soluble powders and electrolyte salt caps are available as capsules, RRUNN™ Endurance Gel has been specially formulated for training sessions or events like multi-stage triathlons where a gel might be more convenient for use. RRUNN™ energy gel has been developed from the DNA of the RRUNN™ System – the same cutting edge ingredients and world-class quality, offered to athletes in an expedient delivery mechanism.

We recommend using RRUNN™ energy gel in conjunction with the RRUNN™ sports drinks and electrolyte salt capsules, as part of your overall fueling strategy with events, to cover your comprehensive start-to-finish needs.

When performances peak, passions soar, recreational sports turn competitive, and athletes become professionals. With RRUNN™, the wind is at your back.

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Espresso Cappuccino (Caffeinated), Mandarin Orange, Salted Caramel


Box of 6

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  1. Prabhanjan Bhalerao (verified owner)

    Quantity is more and even the contents are more than other brands……found very useful in my last cycling even – BRM 400

    Was this review helpful to you?
  2. AARATHI SWAMINATHAN (verified owner)

    The best Gels

    Was this review helpful to you?
  3. Balakrishnan (verified owner)

    Would be great , if more flavours are available

    Was this review helpful to you?
  4. Evita (verified owner)

    Best for pre / during/ post run instant energy shots
    I have recently got onto the Unived bandwagon . I am currently using the endurance gels, salt caps and pea protein isolate . And I love all of them . They taste good, do exactly their prescribed job and are 100% organic . All these products are really good for all those runners out their looking for the right nutrition and electrolytes.

    2 out of 2 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  5. Mukul R. (verified owner)

    This is a good gel. Compares well to global icons like GU. Improvement in taste and in ease of tearing of the gel during a run will go a long way. This is not a caffeinated energy gel which is good in the sense that this option is rare in Indian gels.
    Thank you.

    1 out of 1 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  6. Mukul pairaiturkar (verified owner)

    This is a good gel. Compares well to global icons like GU. Improvement in taste and in ease of tearing of the gel during a run will go a long way. This is not a caffeinated energy gel which is good in the sense that this option is rare in Indian gels.
    Thank you.

    1 out of 1 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  7. Uday Rajprabhu (verified owner)

    Excellent Product

    1 out of 1 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?
  8. Sheetal malviya (verified owner)

    Very nice

    Was this review helpful to you?
  9. Aaditya Udupa (verified owner)

    Started using the gel recently,quite effective to maintain energy levels during intense training as well as competitions.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  10. Samudrajeet Ghosh (verified owner)

    I started using Unived RRUN Endurance Gel as part of my Half marathon training, This was to help with carbs and electrolytes. I found it quite helpful without any side effects. Finally I used it in Airtel Hyderabad Marathon and  it helped me in fuel strategy.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  11. Vasanth Balachandran

    Unived is first product which I have purchased for sports activity. I had purchased pre, post hydration and endurance gel. I used it during DRHM’17 and I felt very good. Pre hydration was very good. Did not feel dehydrated at all. Gel helped me push and sustain the pace. I completed the HM with my personal best timing. The post hydration helped me recover very quick. I have planned to use it again for full marathon at Airtel Hyderabad Marathon next week. The packing was good and delivery was on time. The site is also easy to browse and purchase. Thanks to Unived.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  12. Jatinws

    For long hard days on the saddle, RRUNN Endurance gel comes in handy. It packs a punch, tastes great, and it easy to consume while on the saddle. Helps in avoiding bonking during hard days, and also during long runs.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  13. Jatinws

    I swear by RRUNN Endurance gel for all my long runs, whether training or races. Very easy on the stomach, and helps me sustain my pace throughout without feeling drained , also its compact packing makes it fit well into my belt. I cant think of a long run without the endurance gel anymore. Plus its vegan, so all the more marks for that!

    Was this review helpful to you?
  14. Omkar Pisal

    One of the best things suggested to me by my friend is Unived’s RRUNN Gel. I have used this for the practice runs, long distance runs. I have recently used the gel for triathlons. Very light on the stomach, no nausea feeling, keeps you hydrated all the way through. I have improved my PB timing. Amazing vegan product. Way to go Unived.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  15. Jatin Kale

    Excellent product with excellent results. I train thrice a week (either cycling or running) for long distance/endurance events. I was looking for a convenient electrolyte + energy product, easy to carry and easy to unpack and consume while on the go. Rrunn endurance gel perfectly fits the bill giving ample amount of energy and rehydration. The product quality is at par with its international competitors, happy to see a home grown brand delivering a quality product. P.S.: The packaging at time opens very awkwardly and in approximately 20-25 packets that i have consumed so far, 2-3 packets did not open perfectly at the tear line. I had to puncture it separately. The officials at the consumer care assured me over phone that they are working towards improving the package, which is a good thing!

    Was this review helpful to you?
  16. Abhijit Chandankar (verified owner)

    I have been using Unived’s Pea Protein and the Rrun endurance gel for almost a year now. The pea protein is really helpful in a faster and a better recovery post my long runs or a heavy workout as it provides with the necessary amount of protein for muscle repair. Also, the Rrun endurance gels is what a long distance runner needs during the runs. Earlier I used to sturggle during my runs. Tried the gels and it worked wonders. It even has a very clean taste and is lighter on the stomach. I have seen some major improvements in my performance since I have started using Unived’s products.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  17. Vikash Kuthari

    Vikash Kuthari is 40+ from Guwahati, Assam is into multiple sports aside from his first love – cycling – and is into Running, Squash and Swimming. I have been riding Trek 3900 D MTB since the last four years and enjoys being on Saddle 3/4 times a week. Sunday is the day for long distance rides with friends and Unived products really helps regain the power and enrgy in a short time. One feels less fatigue after consuming the Endurance Gel during the ride and it boosts the energy level quickly for better performance and endurance. After the long distance running or cycling, Unived Rrunin Conplete System Recovery (Post) is very effective for recovering mussels and tissues. Though my background is in Hospitality with an experience of 16 long years, presently in the Financial Market. My family supports the different passions that I completely cherishes. Daughter Shreya is always enthusiastically enquiring as to how many kms were covered on a given day and wife Falguni is quietly encouraging. One will always find me leading from the front as I keeps trying to push the speed limits to the optimum.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  18. Raushan Kumar

    I am a Super Randonneur (finished 200, 300, 400 and 600 KMS of brevets in 2015) and also a marathoner (finished 7 half marathons and a full marathons in 2016-17). I am learning swimming to take part in triathlons. I also participated in Tour of Nilgiris in 2015, India’s biggest and toughest cycling event. I got to know about your products from couple of runners in Hyderabad and The Bike Affair. I also referred to take pea protein by my coach Sunil Menon since I am vegetarian. Unived products are the best in the industry in terms of pre/during and post run/cycling event. Unived gels are miracle while attempting any marathons or any cycling brevets/races. You get enormous amount of energy to sustain and your performance will also improve…but you need to take it periodically after every 40-45 mins.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  19. Tarun Bibra (verified owner)

    My name is Tarun,  I have always been a fitness enthusiast. Running, especially long distances(half and full marathons) just happened over a discuss at gym. It was almost a year ago I started running, and a few months ago when I failed to complete ADHM sub2, started taking it seriously. I sat down and started thinking and analyzing on what’s going wrong with me. I then realized that after 12—13km I felt short of fuel, as time to cover each km was increasing. And luckily the founder and ceo  of unived Mr. Amit Mehta was introduced to our group. He then shared with about the products, I even had one on one chatt over wats app with him. Initially I was skeptical to use these product’s, but then thought of giving it a try. I bought rrun endurance gel, and used it for a short run of 10km. I could feel in the difference immediately. That the energy level didn’t go down.  And exactly after 2 days from trial I had this punjab half marathon event by thrill zone. When I used it as prescribed on the box I actually felt that wind at my back and I completed the RUN with my personal best timing of 1:47 from 2:07@ADHM.  It is the combination of my training and support of this product has helped me in achieving  this feet. More over the choco flavour tastes YUM

    Was this review helpful to you?
  20. Chinmay Kewalramani

    I am a competitive cyclist from Pune. On an average training week, I ride about 350-400kms and spend 5 hours, six days a week on training, including gym workouts. I started using the RRUNN gels six months ago. Apart from the basic function of gels of increasing glucose intake capacity, my bonking reduced significantly. The gels work like a charm. Good luck to Unived.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  21. Anuradha Chari

    I tried this during my Olympic distance triathlon at Goa. It helped me in improving my race day performance for a strong finish. I realized that fuelling during endurance event is so essential and RRUNN complements this totally. I used one before swim. 2 during the cycling leg and 2 during run. It helped me to keep going till finish line.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  22. Prasad Dayal

    I have used the RRun for the first time in FM-SCMM. I am quite satisfied with unived products. I have used salt tablet, pre run sachet, during run , post run n energy gel. Specially I like energy gel. Because of this I have finished strongly. I will personally recommend to use this product for all the endurance runners. I also got good guidance through chat during online buying. N delivery is also quite good. I will explore more unived product in future for sure.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  23. product customer (verified owner)

    Proved life saver for me while preparing for FM and ULTRA marathons. During SCMM these gels with perfect combination of carbs and electrolytes made me sail smooth through the course with satisfying timings of 03:12:52.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  24. Durvankur Patil (verified owner)

    Let’s start with the fact that it tastes good and doesn’t affect the body (negatively) during the long run (literally). The endurance gels by Unived is a great product to have in your pocket during long distance running. My tryst with them a little before SCMM 2017 made sure that I crossed the finished line strong with some energy still preserved. The combination of Fast and slow reacting carbs rejuvenates you instantly and for a longer time, which makes it an integral part of distance running.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  25. Sridhar R (verified owner)

    I have used RRUNN Endurance Gel during SCMM 2017 and it helped me a lot as I have taken the same in small quantities (one squeeze from gel flask) every 6 KM. This made me feel fresh and untiresome through out the marathon. Thanks UNIVED for an amazing product

    Was this review helpful to you?
  26. Tarun Bibra (verified owner)

    My name is Tarun,  I have always been a fitness  enthusiast.  Running,  especially  long  distances(half and full marathons) just  happened  over a discuss at gym.  It was almost a year ago I started running,  and a few months ago when I failed to complete ADHM sub2,  started taking it seriously.  I sat down and started thinking  and analyzing on what’s going wrong with me.  I then realized that after 12—13km I felt short of fuel,  as time to cover each km was increasing.  And luckily the founder and ceo  of unived Mr. Amit Mehta was introduced  to our group.  He then shared with about the  products, I even had one on one chatt  over wats app with  him.  Initially I was skeptical to use these product’s,  but then thought of giving it a try.  I bought rrun endurance  gel,  and used it for a short run of 10km.  I could feel in the difference  immediately.  That the energy level didn’t  go down.  And exactly after 2 days from trial I had this punjab half marathon event by thrill zone.  When I  used it as prescribed on the box I actually  felt that wind at my back and I completed the RUN with my personal best timing of 1:47 from 2:07@ADHM.  It is the combination of my training and support  of this product has helped me in achieving  this feet.  More over the choco flavour tastes YUM.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  27. Meera Velankar (verified owner)

    I am already a SR 2 times, that is someone finishing 200, 300 , 400 n 600 Km rides in one calendar year . So i did that 2 times and also few Tandem rides ( for Limca book). This year i plan to do 200, 300, 400 and 600 again on Tandem cycle. It is a cycle that is used by two cyclist at the same time and requires sync-up. So it is little bit complicated and technical. Very few times this is done in India. Regarding use of Unived, i have also previously used High5, Cliff, GU and SGS during few events including 70.3 half Ironman in 2015. Unived gives me freedom to order as and when i want, product is gentle and very good on stomach. It is an advantage if you cannot order international due to not having credit card or want to limit your monthly expenses to be honest. About ride, i did 300 km and 200 km using your gels, actually these rides are non supported and it is very difficult to find good , non spicy  and hygienic food in interiors of Karnataka for me. I used your gels along with fruits , dry fruits n other prepacked options and it was perfect. I was chumming on (Although i feel this not the point to be discussed proudly as if you are a lady doing adventure sports , it is a part of your events) both the rides and it was causing me mood swings and anxiety so i was more reluctant to have any new food. So it helped me.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  28. Ajit Shinde

    Right kind of nutrition is extremely important for an athlete. I am a Runner, Cyclist, Trekker but was always sceptical about any kind of energy drinks or supplement intake. Started using Unived’s RRUNN Pre & During Run Endurance Gels since last few marathons and they have worked brilliantly for me. Unived products has helped improve my endurance levels.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  29. Vandana Trivedi

    I am an aspiring mountaineer and train hard in the city to ensure I am self sufficient in the mountains. That is, I enjoy my time in the mountains rather than endure it. That quest has led me to not only approach my fitness regime with rigor and discipline, but also focus on adopting internal wellness by opting for the right fuel that I put within myself while out training or trekking. In my recent summit to the Stok Kangri peak in Ladakh, what gave me the final fillip of energy at the end of a ten hour trek up to the summit was the RRUN energy gel I had 100 m before reaching the pinnacle. Stok Kangri is at a height of 6153m or 21000 feet and more than anything the altitude poses the hardest challenge, and the RRUN gel was like a miracle at that stage. A more recent instance where I used it was for a co trekker while crossing the Hampta Pass in Himachal Pradesh. The gentleman was struck with fatigue and nausea related to altitude and couldn’t move a steady step. Once he had the gel, he made it to the campsite without any more trouble. I have also used the RRUN pre, during and post mix during the Oxfam 100km trail walk over the past two years, and needless to say, I have completed the trail walks with energy and drive. I would continue using the Unived products as, when I use them I know that what goes into my body is clean, natural and plant based, all of which matter to me.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  30. Kailash Yadav

    I have been using the Rrunn Endurance gel. I must say, I have never ever seen a product which gives so much instant energy, amino acids that helps your body to repair as fast as possible at the right time and keeps you hydrated when you are out for a long run or doing a hectic workout. I usually take the gel pre running as I feel it’s more effective for my body that ways. It’s very balanced, easy to consume and has no harm to the stomach whatsoever. Overall, a must try product for all the folks who love running or working out rigorously. My aim is to experience and complete all the Marathons that are held in India and also to participate in New York and Chicago Marathons as they are one of the most prominent events across the globe. I also would like to represent a brand which is associated with sports such as Unived and help the brand to reach maximum end users in order to make as many people in India fit and active.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  31. Venugopal Rao Pendyala

    I am using Unived products since 2014 after introducing myself to first edition of Veterun half marathon in 2014. From that time onwards i had used Unived products in all marathon got my Personal Bests and especially injure free stint. Couple of times i was a podium finisher at ‘Our Marathon 2014’ and ‘Duathalon 2015’.  Successfully completed 2 full marathons with PB of 4Hrs 49 mins in SCMM. Now i use gel based products which is excellent and easy to carry and gulp. My feedback gone to many of friends,  hope they are also getting benefitted. Overall it’s great product boon for athletes.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  32. Venkatakrishnan Nagarajan

    I am a long distance runner.  The substitutes I used could not give me the energy and endurance needed to complete the run.  I came across Unived’s RRUN and tried it.  It helped me with the energy I needed and kept me hydrated through out.  I am inspired to challenge my own goals and feel confident that I can go further with RRUN.  It is an excellent product that gives energy, hydration and endurance.  I haven’t had any problems using it and I would not hesitate to recommend.  Try it and you will agree.  Thanks to Unived team.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  33. Mahesh Nagwekar

    I have been using Unived’s products for last 6 months. This year for Ultra marathon called Comrades, I prepared using Lean Chocolate – Pea Protein for facilitating  muscle strength and RRRUN Endurance Gel during long runs.. On the Comrades race day too, used Unived’s gel for first 30 kms when solid food is not available, followed by Unived’s salt capsules which are very easy to swallow. I found the gels be as good as any other similar product and I intend using them again.

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  34. Animesh Upadhyay

    Really a good product. Very easy on the stomach, like there are no burps after consuming it while running, and no heavy sensation too. The cramps have been totally wiped out, and the stamina has been given a new edge. I used to get a little tired during the last few km of the half marathon, and now due to this gel, I’ve achieved my goal for a better PB. As been a medical student, I know the effect of gel absorption in the gut. Its way faster due to a larger surface area and the expected goal is reached soon. Amazing product.

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  35. Abhilash I G

    I decided to use RRUNN Endurance Choco and Citrus Gels when I signed up to run my first hundred miler. Despite having run for over two years, I’d never managed to get race nutrition right when I started running ultras. I was pleasantly surprised that I could manage to complete the entire race without facing any GI issues or cramps by taking the gels and RRUNN During Box throughout the race. Looking forward to running with RRUNN for all my future races!

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  36. Rodman Dsouza

    I opted for the Rrunn gel after my friend and mentor Sayuri Dalvi told me about it, after I cramped badly and suffered from soreness and dehydration during the Vasai Virar Mayor Marathon. As I already used Unived’s salt capsules I didn’t think twice to try it out at the SCMM16, as well as it it fitted in my budget. Though I found the gel a bit bulky and hard to rip open it proved very helpful. I didn’t suffer any fatigue, muscle soreness or cramping during my second Full Marathon. I appreciated the little card that was included in the package as well as the team calling to take a feedback on how the product can be improved. I surely look forward to the improved products and to incorporate it in all my future races.

    Was this review helpful to you?
  37. Girish Bindra

    I have used Unived’s RRUNN Gel a couple of times during my long run. I has helped me recover, felt less fatigued and replenished my energy levels quickly. It has the perfect combination of sodium, potassium, carbs and sugar. I am happy using this product.

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  38. Col (Dr) J Muthukrishnan, SM

    I used the gel (Both Chocolate flavor and the Lemon flavor) in my long training runs, every 45min. This was my first experience with gels during practice runs. I find them pleasantly flavoured, very easily digestible and effective in providing energy at a predictable interval. During these runs I have noticed a definite improvement in my pace and energy levels. I intend using them in my future long runs and the forthcoming SCMM in January. Looking forward!

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  39. Amar Pethe

    I did my first ever SCMM. 42 Km was looking impossible. I used Unived Choco and Citrus Gel. It helped me for the run as I did not get cramps at all and I was able to complete the SCMM successfully within the duration of 5hrs 51 min. I did shared couple of pouches with my brother as well as friends and all of them gave positive feedback.

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  40. Kumar Amresh

    Hi, I am Amresh, from Sunday Run Club Delhi. We used Lime flavor RRUNN gel during SCMM. Due to lack of time and late order placed by us , it was a risk trying the gel directly in the race. But the risk was rewarded. Most of us felt that gels were good. Looking at the price point and the benefit it offers, it is best one can get in India as of now.Good luck to unived team.

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  41. Aravind Kumar

    An endurance athlete who is out on the road for hours or days needs to eat on the run. After using commercial gels for a long time, I realized that most gels have either lead me to puke or have a sugar crash. Resorting to potatoes, brown rice etc. has always been an issue for me on the run owing to ease in carrying. Obtaining products like Cliff bars/energy food have also been tough logistically. RRUNN gels are wholesome, vegan, easy to carry and provide the required energy and I feel stronger during my training runs. I haven’t had any sugar crash or any puking sensation. I am extremely happy with these products.

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  42. Ramesh Kanjilimadhom

    I have used energy gels from many different brands in the past. I hadn’t found a favorite yet. I tried the lemon flavor gel from Unived. It tasted good and from the ingredients and composition, I was happy that it replenished electrolytes and some carbs pretty well during a workout. The consistency was very good, making it easy to go down with a little water. It was also easier in the tummy than others (maybe due to it being vegan?). I may have found my favorite energy gel!

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  43. Kieren Dsouza

    What I am really proud of is that this is a world class product being made right here in India, I am not too fond of using gels, but to someone who uses gels I would definitely suggest these ones to them.

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  44. Sanjeev Ramki

    With Unived’s new RRUNN Gel, hitting the wall has now become a thing of the past. It’s non-gooey, easy to swallow, tastes great and packs a shot of pure energy in each pack, making sure your on-the-go nutrition needs are completely fulfilled, be it ultramarathons or cycling brevets or triathlons. Overall, an excellent way to boost your performance without having to compromise on health or GI factors.

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  45. Sunil Sharma

    I had seen many runners having gels for their long distance runs. I was quick to try one and it tasted just right and made me feel light and nice. The best part is it is easily available. I recommend it to all my runner friends new and old as well.

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