Liver Health

Liver Health features milk thistle, curcumin, and black pepper extracts, along with ginger powder to help provide daily liver protection and promote long-term liver health. There are absolutely no synthetic ingredients. Unived Liver Health is 100% natural, non-GMO, vegan and gluten-free.

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Product Description


Liver Health features milk thistle, curcumin, and black pepper extracts and formulated to help provide daily liver protection and promote long-term liver health. It also provides antioxidant benefits combined with digestive support and the formula is bio-enhanced by addition of Black Pepper extract, which improves absorption of herbal ingredients.

Quality Ingredients:
  • Milk Thistle extract
  • Curcuma longa extract
  • Ginger root powder
  • Piper nigrum (Black Pepper) extract
Key Benefits:
  • Daily liver protection
  • Long term liver health
  • Digestive support
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Superior absorption

Liver and its function

The liver performs numerous functions that keep us alive. Just one of the of the liver’s vital jobs is to filter blood coming from the digestive tract to remove toxins and harmful substances. A healthy liver also processes nutrients absorbed by the intestines, and regulates the amounts of sugar, fat, cholesterol, and protein that enter the bloodstream. Several factors can inhibit liver function, including a diet high in trans-fats and preservatives, exposure to environmental toxins (such as pesticides), and consuming too much alcohol. A stressed liver can cause problems with digestion, detoxification and even difficulty losing weight. Our Liver Health is formulated for daily liver protection along with long term liver health.


Liver protection repair

Milk thistle has been used for centuries as an herbal remedy for a variety of ailments, particularly liver, kidney, and gall bladder problems. Research suggests that silymarin is the active ingredient in milk thistle that protects the liver from toxins. Silymarin additionally has many antioxidant properties that may help the liver repair itself by encouraging the growth of new cells.

Antioxidant & anti-inflamatory

Curcumin, a major active of Turmeric is very well known for its Anti-inflamatory & Antioxidant properties. It is great antioxidant and reduces oxidative stress. We hypothesized that turmeric extract and curcumin protect the liver from CCl4-induced liver injury by reducing oxidative stress, inhibiting lipid peroxidation, and increasing glutathione peroxidase activation.

Anti-inflamatory & digestive support

Ginger powder is very well known for digestive aids and GI tract protection. Its carminative properties promote the elimination of intestinal gas to prevent bloating and flatulence, while its intestinal spasmolytic properties relax the gastrointestinal muscles to soothe an upset stomach. Ginger has been suggested to be effective against inflammation and hence it is used against liver inflammation. Studies have show that the combined antioxidant support of curcumin and ginger may assist in several protective functions in the GI tract and in the liver.

Superior absorption

Piper nigrum is black pepper extract clinically shown to increase the absorption of herbal extracts. Making the formulation more effective.

Suggested use

We recommend taking Liver Health after breakfast.

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