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  • Coros Apex Features an optical heart rate monitor and performance metrics for running, swimming and cycling activities
  • Engineered with a power efficient central core, allowing for battery Life: 25HR (42MM), 35HR (46MM), UP TO 100HRS ULTRAMAX
  • Waterproof: up to 100mt depth
  • MultiSport Watch: Power Meter & Foot Pod Capable, great for running, cycling, swimming, triathlons
  • Built-in Coach
  • Seamless updates to Strava & TrainingPeaks
  • Built-in Barometric Altimeter for more accurate elevation readings
  • GPS, GLONASS and BDS work together in Coros Apex to precisely locate your position, even through interference outdoors
  • On Coros Apex you can receive and control notifications from your phone, including call, text, email and other social media applications
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Complete Training Guide

Your Complete Training Guide

Coros Apex has a unique algorithm with an in-built trainer, which dials in your training based on your lactate threshold. The training is split into a warmup, training, and cool down. The COROS trainer will also provide you a target heart rate for each stage, and this will be available in both the aerobic and anaerobic training modes.

Built in Premium

The COROS Apex is built with titanium alloy or a ceramic bezel finish, depending on the model you pick. Each has a sapphire glass finish for extreme protection. This modern build makes it easy for you to transition between work & training, while still sporting a clean and modern look.

Built in Premium
Training Efficiency Without Injury

Training Efficiency Without Injury

Training correctly is important when you are trying to prevent injury. The COROS Apex is able to accurately measure and determine your overall effort, broken down into stamina level (0-100) and training effect (0-6). If you’ve exerted too much stamina, the watch will notify you that it’s time to rest. Based on effort level and training history, you will see an advised recovery window before you begin your next activity. This is available for interval, aerobic, and anaerobic activities.

Advance Training Analytics

Post workout, the COROS Apex App will give you a complete graphical analysis of your training. This includes, VO2 max, recovery advisor, threshold pace, last-7 days training load, personal fitness index and lots more. Additionally, you can connect to your favorite 3rd party applications such as STRAVA and TrainingPeaks and automatically upload your workouts.

Advance Training Analytics
Navigation Track

Navigation Track

Equipped with track and navigation features, APEX can be your best tool when you need directions the most. Routes are uploaded and displayed on grid as a bread crumb trail with real time information on heading and elevation and alerts to help you get back on course.

Smart Learning Stride Length

Smart Learning Stryd Length

Introducing COROS’s very own Intelligent Stride Algorithm. This unique algorithm embodies machine learning to the core to record your personal range of motion while running. This builds your personal stride model that will be used for indoor running or areas of weak GPS signal (such as tunnels).

Ultra-Durable Battery Life

The COROS Apex has a battery life that’s built to outlast your running. In the UltraMax setting, the batter will go up to 100 hours using GPS. On the normal setting, the battery will last up to 35 hours on GPS, and with regular usage up to 30 days without a charge.

Ultra-Durable Battery Life

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Black_46mm, White_42mm


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  1. Pranay S.

    First Impression:
    First look of the watch was decent. Watch was quickly connected to its mobile app so that was good. Its UI is not so colourful and bright, but that is not a big problem. Apex provide different watch dial you can select of your choice. Also smooth navigation through the menu using a nob is very good. Battery life is also very good.

    Absolutely stunned by its GPS accuracy, very very accurate every time. On screen customizable statistics was very handy during run, even the display is very clear under bright sun. Its Heart rate accuracy also seems good. All other outdoor running modes i.e. interval, aerobic, anaerobic training are very reliable and very easy to use. So for outdoor running it is undoubtedly most reliable machine to accompany you.
    Regarding indoor running on treadmill, running distance is bit less than actual distance as shown on treadmill display i.e. an error of ~200m per km which keeps on accumulating. With every watch I think it would be same, but calibration option is missing here with takes input of treadmill distance reading after finishing your run and then it calibrated according for existing and future runs.

    Indore swimming mode is also good it continuously monitor your heart rate during swimming, you can pause swim whenever you want and then again resume when required. You need to set the pool length once and then it automatically calculates the distance during swim but not using GPS. Couple of times the pool swimming distance was over calculated as 150mtr instead of 100mtr, but then I never faced problem may be watch has some algorithm to learn swimming pattern and improve it. Overall accuracy seems good enough and reliable.

    Again GPS accuracy is the best in class; here also it keeps on constantly monitoring heart rate which is good. I am very satisfied with cycling metrics also.

    Mobile application:
    You can get very detail statistics of your run, swim or cycling. Also app tells you your lactate threshold, VO2 Max, Threshold Pace, Resting heart Rate and your fitness level all this parameters keeps on changing according to your training. In addition it also tells you your stamina level and how much rest you need from training. Moreover if you have installed Strava app, all the data are automatically transferred to the strava. The only area of improvement could be that the app takes some time i.e. 1-2 minutes to sync with watch after your activity is completed. So, overall the app is very good.

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