We use PayU Biz as our payment gateway providers. For all transactions you are re-directed to their domain and Unived does not retain any credit/debit card information you submit for payment. Unived is not responsible, in any way whatsoever, if your card information is acquired by a 3rd party due to any security issues on the PayU Biz payment gateway.


Unived is a natural products company that is passionate about helping people live healthier lives. Our products are a result of uncompromising research, and are formulated to deliver the optimal, most bio-available, and therapeutic dosage of the active natural molecule to you.

We do not make miraculous products with magical claims. We believe that good health is achieved through a balance between a nutritious diet, regular exercise, and the right supplementation of the highest quality.

Univeds products are designed to support your active and healthy lifestyle and to optimize your health regimen.

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