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Unived launches India’s first Salt Capsules for Endurance Athletes

Unived Sports is proud to announce a new addition to its world-class fueling range for endurance athletes – the Unived Salt Caps.

Unived Sports is proud to announce a new addition to its world-class fueling range for endurance athletes – the Unived Salt Caps.

The development of the Unived Salt Caps was spurred by the growing interest and participation of athletes in India in events that push the physical and mental boundaries of conventional races. The Unived Salt Caps. were formulated to support the fueling of these intense athletic endeavors, such as ultras, brevets, and triathlons which make pronounced demands on athletes’ bodies.

At the core of the developmental philosophy of the Unived Salt Caps. were the specific physiological challenges faced by these ultra-athletes. Over the course of events which exceed the duration of 3 hours, athletes can lose a significant amount of fluids and electrolytes to sweat. This is particularly relevant to Indian training conditions, as sweat rates are significantly higher in hot and humid tropical weather.

Electrolytes are a key component of critical performance-related physiological processes like fluid uptake, transport of nutrients to cells, energy generation, and the regulation of muscle performance. Continued loss of electrolytes through sweat can trigger issues such as muscle cramping, muscle weakness, overall fatigue, stomach distress, and extreme hydration imbalances like dehydration and hyponatremia – which can have serious repercussions on performance.

While plain water and other hydration products can replenish fluid losses over the course of such activities, they are not capable of restoring large electrolyte losses when consumed in isolation. As part of a strategic fueling strategy, it is crucial to have a dedicated electrolyte plan to cope with large volumes of electrolyte depletion.

Unived Salt Caps. are India’s first electrolyte capsules offering the full spectrum of essential electrolytes for hydration balance and support, antioxidant vitamin C to eliminate muscle soreness, and vitamin D3 for bone health, immunity & recovery.

The Unived Salt Caps. are formulated to replenish the four electrolytes which are at the core of performance physiology – sodium, chloride, magnesium, and potassium – in a proportional and balanced manner. Common issues faced by endurance athletes like muscle cramping, nausea and fatigue are the result of consuming only fluids without a commensurate intake of these electrolytes. Unived Salt Caps. ensure that there is a balanced increase in concentration of these electrolytes, which in turn, reinstates proper electrolyte – water balance for optimal performance.

With the Unived Salt Caps., endurance athletes can now have an electrolyte plan tailored to their sweat rate and race conditions, as part of their overall fueling strategy. Unived Salt Caps. complement the Unied Endurance System of sports drinks, and work seamlessly with the drinks for comprehensive and strategic fueling for intense endurance activities.

The Unived Salt Caps. are available in two convenient pack options of 60 cap and 120 cap bottles. Athletes are recommended to use the capsules during their training, to allow their body to acclimate to the product and adapt their usage to their individual sweat rate.

As athletes in India seek out the next exciting horizon, they are ushering in the revolution of highly-focused and strategy-driven endurance training. With an array of highly specialized and scientific fueing products, Unived Sports hopes to empower these athletes and help them sustain evolved levels of training and performance.

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