By Yeshwini Shetty

Unived launches Elite Hydration Mix

February 22nd, 2022 

Unived launches Elite Hydration Mix

Unived is proud to lauch the Elite Hydration Mix. This new advanced hydration solution is co-developed with World Elite Trail runner & Coach Sandi Nypaver and Olympian Rachel Schneider.

Formulated with an optimal balance of Electrolytes, Betaine, Carbohydrates, and Sodium Bicarbonate in amounts that help you hydrate faster than plain water by accelerating fluid uptake and delivering essential electrolytes.

With this, Unived becomes the first Indian supplement manufacturer to co-develop a nutritional product with an Olympian.

Elite Hydration Mix Co-developed with two exceptional athletes

“Proper electrolyte consumption helps with your nerve to muscle communication, which means this Elite Hydration Mix will help your muscles to perform at their best so you can keep running strong! I’m very proud to help Unived create this drink mix as I know it’s going to help athletes feel better as they do what they love’’ ~ Sandi Nypaver

Sandi Hydration Mix

“We began working with Sandi a few years ago. We’d discussed working a product together, and early last year we began developing the Unived Elite Hydration Mix. Sandi tested the product across training & racing, summer & winter, and provided feedback. After a lot of R&D, the formulation was set and we were finally able to launch it just a few days ago. US Olympian Rachel Schneider, joined us at the beginning of 2021, and got involved with the project. We’re so proud that this product has been co-developed with two phenomenally strong & inspiring female athletes.” ~ Amit Mehta, Founder & CEO, Unived

“Nutrition is an instrumental component of optimal recovery and peak performance. Partnering with Unived gave me the confidence that I am maximizing my nutritional potential. They helped me make my first Olympic team, win my first National Title and achieve new personal bests. I’m excited and grateful to continue to grow together!” ~ Rachel Schneider

Elite Hydration Mix is available in two flavors Bare Naked and Lime Buzz.

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