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Prepping for a 10K Race Week with Anurag

A former footballer turned runner, Unived Elite Anurag Konkar is a prime example of consistency and dedication. Over the years, Anurag has vastly improved upon his timings in the 10K and half marathon distances. In this blog, Anurag talks about- what his week leading up to a 10K race looks like and what are his race-week rituals.

Week prior to a 10K race

In such a week, especially when it is your ‘A Race’, it is ideal to drop down your overall mileage, reduce your workout load, and mostly keep it easy while making sure you do not miss out on your strengthening sessions.

Let me take you through a week in terms of the nutrition, runs and workouts that I have been personally following for a couple of months now for all of my race weeks.

  • Throughout the week, when it comes to my diet, I make sure that I stick to simple home-cooked meals. I’m not a big fan of oily or spicy meals, and so food that is cooked at home is always a safe step forward!
  • Typically race weeks are always a week where I drop the mileage and the load of running, so that I can keep the legs fresh and ready for the weekend. I generally drop the overall mileage to about 10% to 15% from my earlier week, dropping in the distance in my Long Runs, Easy Runs and Workouts as well.
  • When it comes to strength sessions, I make sure to stick to my regular weeks, but slightly reduce the weights and the number of sets. This ensures that I am fit and consistent in my strength sessions at the same time I am also not over working the muscles.
  • I like to chip in one workout “baby effort”, basically to just focusing from the leg turnover point of view. Feeling of how the breathing and legs are coming along as the workout goes about.

Generally this would include a short tempo effort which is followed by a few shorter intervals. And the best way to recover faster from such workouts is with one of my favourites- the Elite Recovery Mix. With a 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein and ingredients such as Curcumin, KSM-66 and key Vitamins, it sure is the perfect blend that offers the body optimal recovery.

  • I personally like to chip in a good aerobic effort long run about 2 to 3 days prior to my race day. Post such LRs, I make sure that I implement a couple of strides, simply focusing on opening the legs up, post a duration-based run.
  • Remaining all days that lead to the D Day are just easy running, focusing on ABC Drills, Plyometrics, and Stride work.


Now coming to nutrition, which is the most crucial aspect of the week; my personal point to remember is that whatever you implement in your running days has to be implemented in your race days so that you can get the best out of it whether it is pre-run, during the run or post-run.

Pre Run: Although, I’m a morning coffee person, these past few weeks I have been having the Elite Beet-420 as my pre-workout drink. I do consume beets as a part of my meals but this new change of  beets as a pre-workout has been a very interesting experiment. The dietary nitrates helps increase the blood flow to muscles which helps in oxygen uptake and plays it’s part when it comes to endurance efforts. I’m just really looking forward to how it plays out for me on the Race Day!

During Run: Typically, my workouts and long runs consist of the Elite Gels. Having these mid-runs just helps boost my mental focus and keeps me with a clear mindset throughout the run. Consisting a 2:1 carbohydrate ratio with 30g simple carbs and 15g complex carb, electrolytes, sodium bicarbonate and caffeine, all of this at 190 calories is just bliss. Another factor of the Unived Gels is that it is of water based consistency, light and very gut friendly. So you don’t end up rushing to forcefully chug down water to wash it down your throat. My favourite so far is the Elite Vanilla Sea Salt!

Post Run: Without a second thought, hands down it has to be the Elite Recovery Mix for the win!

Unived Elite Anurag Konkar

10K Race-day Fuelling

Now, last and not least, the Race Day. When it comes to racing the 10k, generally I wouldn’t recommend a gel intake mid-run if your target time is in between the 30 to 40min time range. And so I would have one caffeinated Elite Gel 5mins prior to the start of the race. This helps me trigger my mental focus along with its other nutrition values as the race comes along.

If you’re a runner who is in the time range of 45min and above, I would definitely recommend you have a single gel with 110 calories at the halfway mark, as this will give in that kick of 26g of simple carbs and the electrolytes that’ll help you push more efficiently to the finish! My recommendation would be to go ahead and try the Salted Caramel.

Well, there you have it. A typical 10k Race Week. If there’s any doubts or questions, message us up and we’d love to help you out! Happy Racing.

Written by: Anurag Konkar

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