PCOS Management

PCOS Management

PCOS Management

Helps reduce acne, facial hair (hirsutism), insulin resistance & balances hormone levels
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Key Benefits

Regularized the menstrual cycle

Myo-Inositol is a critical nutritional element for the maintenance of ovarian health and helps regulate menstrual cycles. Myo-inositol works to help balance the hormones that control ovulation.

Supports healthy ovarian function

Shen combined with Myo-Inositol, DCI may then help improve ovarian function by improving follicular responses and assist follicle maturation

Helps balance hormones

Every ingredient plays a part in normalizing one or all hormones that are involved in PCOS. The basic goal is to lower LH, insulin, insulin resistance, androgens and improve FSH responses. All this together will promote ovulation and regulat menstrual cycles.

Research Based

  • 2000MG Myo-Inositol
  • 300MG Alpha-Lipoic-Acid
  • 66MG Calcium
  • 5MG Magnesuim

  • 50MG Caronositol (D-Chiro)
  • 600 I.U. Vitamin D3
  • 200MCG Folate
  • 200MCG Chromium Picolinate

How to consume

capsule 4 capsules daily post lunch

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Mohit Sharma

Unived PCOS Management



Laxman Das Tahiliani


Couldn't have been happier!

Very happy with the purchase. Thank you Unived

Janhavi Pawar
Very Effective! Go for it!

I have just started consuming the product...I think it has already started showing positive changes...having a normal period after ages, gives a sense of achievement to me! I will be continuing with this supplement to benefit at it's fullest! Thank you people working behind this brand for making a real self help product!

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