• Coros Pace features an optical heart rate monitor and performance metrics for running, swimming and cycling activities
    • Engineered with a power efficient central core, allowing for battery life up to 30 days in standard mode and up to 25 hours in GPS mode
    • Coros Pace has a built-in Barometric Altimeter for more accurate elevation readings
    • GPS, GLONASS and BDS work together to precisely locate your position, even through interference outdoors
    • With Coros Pace receive and control notifications from your phone, including call, text, email and other social media applications
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    • 26 grams Hi-GI quick release carbohydrates and 110kcal per sachet
    • Water based, no GI-distress, light on your stomach
    • Used by Elite athletes Globally
    • Caffeine: 0mg, 35mg, 50mg, 100mg options
    • Made with love, in India
  • Short sleeve v-neck performance t-shirt. Ideal for endurance sports like running, cycling, football, and even trekking. Super-cool dri-fit fabric that wicks off sweat allowing for superior performance.
  • Unived’s PMS Management supplement is a complete menstrual support that helps with physical, behavioural and psychological symptoms that are experienced by most women in the initial days of their menstrual cycle. It contains phytonutrients like KSM-66®, L-theanine, Curcumin that help with inhibition of pain and provides mental health support. It also provides required amounts of vitamin B6, vitamin D3, Magnesium and Iron as these nutrients have very crucial roles to play in women’s health and they all work synergistically to provide ease and comfort during periods. This product is a safe alternative of many pain killers or birth control pills that women may take to get through menstruation. While these pills may interfere with the body’s normal functions, Unived’s PMS Management does not disturb your body’s natural functions or reproductive health. Key benefits:
    • Provides 100% RDA of vitamin D, 2000% RDA of vitamin B6, 80.6% RDA of magnesium, 30% RDA of iron for women.
    • Specially designed to meet menstrual needs of healthy menstruating women.
    • Helps promote hemoglobin synthesis.
    • Helps increase oxygen transport to the uterus.
    • Helps reduce uterine contraction and pain.
    • Helps with improving mood and mental wellbeing while menstruating.
    • Helps reduce fatigue and improves sleep.
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  • Growth, development and wellness are important for both mother and the child. Pregnancy is a dynamic state that requires increased nutrient intakes in order to support the growing fetus, placenta and maternal tissues, and hence a successful pregnancy outcome. Our VeganMomy™ Prenatal Multinutrient - Trimester 1 contains adequate doses of natural vitamin A, D, E, K and the most bioactive forms of all B-vitamins, vitamin C along with Iron, Zinc, Copper and Iodine and trace minerals Selenium, Manganese and molybdenum. DHA is provided as a separate capsule to facilitate night-time absorption, and Pre-Posnatal Protein comes as a separate product. Key benefits:
    • Supports a healthy pregnancy and healthy fetal development.
    • Meets recommended minimums of essential prenatal nutrients such as vitamins D, Iron, zinc, selenium and all the B complex vitamins.
    • Reduces chances of malformation, pregnancy related diseases, infections and complications.
    • Preserves maternal stores of the nutrients
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