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Monsoon hacks for a healthy you

Monsoons are here to save us from the scorching summer heat, but the one thing that we tend to ignore is that it brings along some unwanted guests. While the season promises to rejuvenate every living being, it also brings its share of misery. Bacteria and germs infest the air and water around us, which often cook up a buffet of contagious diseases.

Here are a few tips to stay healthy and happy this monsoon:

Avoid eating out:

Eating steamy snacks from the streets of India can be very tempting during monsoon season. However, it may be an open invitation to disease. Avoid outside food, especially roadside snacks, for a healthy inside.

Don’t forget to hydrate:

Even though you may not feel exceptionally thirsty, you still need to consume ample amount of water during the rainy season. Because of the high humidity, it becomes important to consume lots of fluids to flush toxins out of your body. Drinking outside water is a strict no! Rather you should carry your own filtered water from home.

Have a colourful meal:

Green and coloured vegetables are a must for maintaining a healthy diet. They provide all the nutrients that keep you healthy and increase your immunity during this disease-prone season. But the weather calls for you to be extra cautious while washing all your vegetables, especially the ones being used for salads. Wash your veggies with warm salt water to remove the dirt. Also, it is a good idea to blanch the vegetables, as it can help disinfect them.

Increase Vitamin C intake:

Our immunity weakens during monsoon making us more prone to diseases. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins you can consume for optimal health. Commonly known for its immune boosting properties, it can offer daily support and protection against oxidation. But asides from its well known immune support, vitamin C also promotes energy, vitality, and overall health and wellness. An easy way to meet your daily vitamin C requirements is by supplementing with a natural form of vitamin C which can be obtained from our Acerola-C™ Vitamin C Complex supplement.

Drink warm liquids:

During monsoon, drinking more of warm or hot beverages like herbal tea, and soup, helps remove congestion, boosts metabolism and lowers toxin overload. This will also keep you warm and reduce the chance of catching any kind of infection that can occur due to a sudden change in body temperature. There is nothing quite like sitting by the window, watching the rain fall over rooftops and sipping on a bowl of high fiber soup.

Yes, monsoons bring health issues; however, do not let that overshadow the joys of the season either.

Be cautious, stay healthy!

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