Unived Points: Earned with every purchase you make.

You scratch our back, we scratch yours! Unived gives you 1% cash back in the form of Unived Points on each purchase you make, irrespective of whether you purchase a bundle or an individual product.

Each time you shop, 1% of the net amount will reflect in your account. You can check your accumulated Unived Points under the Unived Points tab that appears under your name top right. You may choose to use these points in your next purchase or you may accumulate these points with each purchase you make and use the same later.

Unived Points usage:

  • There is no cap off to the amount you can accumulate.
  • There is no cap off to the amount of points you can apply to your cart.
  • There is no limit to how long you can accumulate the points for.

So, you have complete freedom with your points; and freedom, smells good!

Signing Up for the Program:

We thought you may like it – so you’re enrolled in the program from the time you create an account with us. Everyone’s in, are you?

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