By Amit Mehta

Unived Sports at FitFest 2014

Let’s face it – for most of us, whose livelihoods don’t depend on being in our prime physical shape, fitness is never on the top of our list of priorities. The older we get, the faster that fitness starts sliding down that list.

There are some enviable mortals who manage to self-motivate themselves to run every other day, *actually* use that gym membership, and eat right. However, most people only start paying attention to their bodies when little aches and pains start making unwelcome appearances, when climbing up a flight of stairs starts leaving them slightly breathless, and when they notice that losing the couple of extra pounds isn’t as easy as it was in their 20s. However, it’s never too late to start. It’s never too late to start making positive changes in one’s lifestyle, and one is never too old to start reaping the benefits of physical fitness.

On the wee hours of 6 December, a group of Mumbaikars gave up a cozy Sunday morning in bed to take positive, determined steps towards achieving their fitness goals for the year at FitFest 2014. Organized by and billed as ‘Mumbai’s Premiere Fitness Carnival’, FitFest 2014 was an opportunity for participants to train under the watchful guidance of the experts. Unived Sports was pumped to be the Official Hydration Partner for the event, where RRUNN During, our hydration and endurance drink would be powering the participants through the grueling routines.

After a quick set-up with help from the team, we couldn’t resist taking a few quick laps on the synthetic track, with none other than national level long distance runner, Kavin Kondabathini. Kavin shared the amazing story of his athletic career with us and gave us tips on improving our running form. Always a smiling and inspiring presence, Kavin – it was a pleasure to interact with you.

The day kicked off with a HIIT session with’s Chief Fitness Specialist, Mihir Gadani. While Mihir certainly didn’t let anyone slack off, he also kept the energy high and the routine fun and dynamic. From planks, to modified mixed martial arts moves – Mihir’s routine packed a real punch.

After such an energetic start to the day, the participants rushed to get a taste of refreshing RRUNN During. A lot of budding runners in the group were keen to learn about the different physiological needs of the body at different stages of their activity, and quite a few of them were surprised that there was now an India-made ‘start to finish’ sports nutrition product designed for Indian athletes.

After the HIIT of high-adrenaline, it was time to slow down and harness the power of Yoga with an expert session with Shammi Gupta. In a city like Mumbai, it was a joy to steal some moments to stretch, breathe and take in the rejuvenating environs of the Sports Association of India, where the event was held. The 45 minute exercise helped us all revel in mindful and restorative session.

After the participants had a chance to proper hydrate themselves with our RRUNN During drink, they lined up in their respective age categories for the awaited 800M timed track challenge of the day. Regardless of whether they were experienced runners or newbies, everyone gave it their all and finished the race with incredible gusto. Amit and Shruti from own team couldn’t resist giving the beautiful synthetic track a go!

Even after such an early start with challenging exercised, the participants couldn’t stop beaming as they collected their medals and certificates. Whoever described the euphoric feeling one gets after a great workout was not lying!

We wish to thank Aarti, Mihir, Kavin and the rest of the team for organizing such a fun and dynamic event, and for trusting Unived Sports and RRUNN with the hydration. To the participants, congratulations for taking the initiative towards good health and fitness – you guys were marvelous! Now that you have embarked on the fitness journey, keep going!

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