By Amit Mehta Health & WellnessDo you have a dream? Trust your instinct and follow it.

Do you have a dream? Trust your instinct and follow it.

Women’s Day is just around the corner. This is always a reflective time of the year for all of us, as a collective human society. Women’s rights have come a long way. Much progress has been made. However, is there still a long way to go? Absolutely. There is much inequality in the world that we still need to fight.

How do we, as individuals, change things for the better? We can do this by taking charge of our lives and our dreams. Far too often, we sacrifice our dreams because practicalities get in the way. Soon, these dreams lose their sheen and turn into regrets. As women, we especially have to reclaim our interests and passions. Happier women make for happier friends, happier cousins and happier partners. Every individual’s freedom and joy goes towards building a better society for everyone.

Remember the time you really wanted to take dancing lessons, and then gave up because there was never enough time? Or that time when you quit playing the bass in your band because others told you it was “time to grow up”? Or when you talked yourself out of buying a motorcycle because someone told you that motorbikes aren’t for women?

Instead of talking yourself out of things you have always wanted to do, start taking more risks. Sure, there might be strange glances and opinions, but it’s important to reclaim these opportunities to expand your horizons.

Have you always wanted to travel, but were afraid to do it because of convention and concerns for safety? There is a whole world out there for you to explore. Research on the internet to find places that are welcoming to women travellers. Find like-minded travel companions. Go somewhere you have never gone before. Try new cuisines, experience new cultures, and enrich your spirit.

Did you give up a sport you loved in school because it was ‘strange’ for women to be athletic? Rediscover what you love! If it’s running, hit the streets again. If it’s hiking, treat yourself to some new gear and head over to the mountains.

Your dream could be big or small, feasible or outrageous. A dream that seems impossible from where you stand right now might be within your grasp if you just reach out for it – it’s all a matter of perspective.

Don’t let the ‘real world’ get in the way of achieving your dreams. Instead, work with your practicalities to help realize your dreams. Find ways to incorporate your passions around your schedule. Better yet, incorporate your passion into your social life. For e.g. if you want to enroll in sketching classes, convince a friend to join with you! If you have signed up for a long-distance cycling race, sign up a family member too. If cooking is your passion, start a club at your workplace. Including others in your happiness will only enhance your experience.

‘Follow your dreams’ seems like such obvious advice to follow in our lives, and yet, we all tend to forget it. This Women’s Day, let’s all understand how privileged we are to have choices in our life – let’s make the most of these choices. By exercising our freedom to be happy and to lead our lives to the fullest, we can make a difference to the collective soul of the world – one dream at a time.

Happy Women’s Day!

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