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RRUNN – An ultra runner’s experience

RRUNN was the product of over a year of diligent research, with the athlete’s body and its needs at the center of the development process. Since RRUNN was envisaged from the very start as a sports nutrition drink built for the Indian training environment, real-time feedback from endurance athletes in India remains a crucial part of this process.

The user experience remains at the core of RRUNN ethos – of listening, learning, and constantly refining – to ensure that athletes in India get nothing less than a world-class sports nutrition product. We were delighted to receive comprehensive feedback from seasoned runner and ultra-marathoner, Alfredo Miranda, who used RRUNN for his long run and the Gurgaon full marathon. We are proud that Alfredo experienced great results with RRUNN, and humbled that he took the time to share this with us – this only propels us further to do better.

Alfredo’s first experience with RRUNN, on a 35K long run

“The plan was to go for a run of around 35K. From 10:00 to 13:30. It was meant “easy run”, initially thinking of 6:00 pace, but then I thought of trying 5:45.”


“I took one serve of the RRUNN Pre around 20 min before starting the run. I’m not used to this kind of product as I never take anything special before a long run, other than a banana occasionally. So, I don’t have any reference point to compare RRUNN Pre with. But one fact was clear: it was noticeably easier to keep the pace for the first 1 hour- I was positively surprised that it was coming so easy. I attribute this to the extra kcal available.”

RRUNN During

“I had 3 sachets, so I had planned on taking them at every 40 min starting from the end. The day was a bit hotter than expected. By the 1:30 I was a bit thirstier than I should, I drank the first dose, felt good.

By the mark 1:50 I bought a little of water, filled up the 2 bottles with RRUNN till 125 ml, the other two till the top, and drank the remaining water. Then I drank the second RRUNN at 2:10 and some more water afterwards. By the 2:30 mark, I was feeling short of energy, so I advanced to the 3rd sachet. I took it at 2:40, and then slowed down my pace. Since it was an easy day, I didn’t want to put undue pressure on my body, so I stopped at 33.5K after 3:15 hours. I was not feeling thirsty- in fact I had plain water left in the other bottles, but I was tired.

My conclusion is that I had miscalculated the heat, and I was sweating more than expected and needed more fluids to compensate. Just after taking the RRUNN During, I would feel the effect immediately- however, in retrospect I think I needed 4 or 5 sachets for this kind of run.”


“I reached home tired, so I took 2 sachets of RRUNN Post, and….WOW!! The recovery was almost instantaneous. Usually, after a run like this, it would take me at least a couple of hours to recoup, but with RRUNN Post, I felt the recovery in 15 minutes. Great experience!”


“My only suggestion? With RRUNN During, runners can use 2 sachets in a bottle of 250 ml, as there are water bottles of this size available, even with hydration packs. This way, you have enough of the mix to carry for 40 minutes to an hour.

Alfredo’s experience with RRUNN for the Gurgaon Full Marathon

“I used the RRUNN for second time at the Full Marathon in Gurgaon, for which I was training to get my PB. Due to a small injury, and some other reasons, I couldn’t follow the initial training plan for Oct and Nov, but still i was hoping for the PB. 

Being the main run of the season, I did not want to experiment during the run. So, even if I had During, I wasn’t going to use it. However, I took one Pre before starting the race. Like my long run experience, it helped me to keep up the pace – not sure if it was RRUNN Pre or the euphoria of the race, but the first 15K went at a pace of 5:25. Then, I had to slow down a bit because some pains – because of the lack of training, not due to the energy levels – my energy was constantly up and I never felt like I was close to any “wall” :).

The next 20K. went at 5:40, and at the last 5K, I accelerated to the pace of 5:25. Overall, my pace was 5:32, just 2 seconds of the targeted 5:30!! It was a PB, 15 minutes faster than my previous FM!

Then, after the race I took one sachet of RRUNN Post, and the feeling was great. Usually, when I finish a tough run, my body always craved for ‘something’ I couldn’t put my finger on. Even after I would have water with salt, biscuits, or bananas, there was still this internal voice from my metabolism that kept saying, “I need something else”. RRUNN Post silenced that craving, and changed that inner voice to, “YES! This is exactly what I need! 

I definitely look forward to training and running more with RRUNN, and meeting my running targets for the New Year.”

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