Got DHA?Nutrition
By Amit Mehta

Got DHA?

Feeling sluggish, depressed, or suffering from high cholesterol? Your body may be lacking adequate amounts of an essential
A pain in the jointHealth & Wellness
By Amit Mehta

A pain in the joint

When you woke up this morning, did you experience pain in one of your joints? Perhaps you did and cringed. It is a common
Gain good health with fiber!Nutrition
By Amit Mehta

Gain good health with fiber!

Today is World Health Day. It is that time of the year to celebrate health and arm ourselves with some wholesome knowledge. Take
Did you know about CoQ10?Nutrition
By Amit Mehta

Did you know about CoQ10?

The average human adult heart beats every few seconds, at an average rate of 60 to 100 beats per minute. With every single heart
Eat healthy, joints better!Nutrition
By Amit Mehta

Eat healthy, joints better!

joint pain eating into your well-being? Discover what to eat, to tackle the pesky pain. ‘Right diet’ is an ambiguous
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