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Omega-3 enriched salad recipe

Omega-3 DHA is rightfully one of the most popular nutrients out there, because of its wide-reaching benefits for brain, health, eye, immune and mental health. From maintaining heart health in adults, to fostering brain development in kids, to easing depression in women – omega-3 DHA is versatile nutrient that should be diligently incorporated into everyone’s daily lifestyle to maintain good health.

When talking about the most omega-3 abundant dietary sources, the first thing that comes to most people’s minds are fish. Oily fishes like salmon and fish-oil supplements are the most prevalent ways of incorporating more omega-3 DHA into the diet. However, it is a misconception that fish are the primary and sole producers of omega-3 DHA.

In fact, the primary producers of omega-3 DHA are microalgae found in the oceans, which process sunlight to produce omega-3 fatty acids. These microalgae are consumed by fish, which are in turn consumed by humans to fulfill their omega-3 intake. However, the omega-3 DHA thus obtained from fish and fish-oil supplements is inferior to the omega-3 obtained directly from microalgae. The omega-3 from fish is also less bio-aavailable to humans, which means that our bodies cannot effectively absorb the nutrient from our marine friends.

Another popular misconception is that there are no plant-based sources of this nutrient found in nature. The truth is, there are several plant-based sources which are rich in omega-3 DHA, which should be assimilated in our diet on a regular basis.

Today, we bring you a quick, easy, and delicious omega-3 rich salad recipe. We hope that this serves as inspiration for you to explore healthier and cruelty-free ways of incorporating essential nutrients into your food.

Ingredients:- Tofu chunks (high in protein) – Olive oil (healthy source of fats) – Omega-3 rich foods

Blackberries- Walnuts – Crushed flaxseeds – Cut black beans

Simply toss these ingredients together, and sprinkle crushed flaxseeds on top to add an extra omega-3 kick and crunch. You can also add chopped chilies, peanuts and coriander for added flavor. A final dash of pepper, and your omega-3 rich salad is ready to be devoured!

Don’t forget to top up your daily dose of omega-3s with a daily supplement. There are vegan omega-3 supplements now available that are fish-oil free, sourced directly from the primary source of omega-3 DHA – microalgae. Two capsules a day of a good omega-3 supplement, and a diet enriched with omega-3 foods should keep you in great stead.

By adding more plant-based ingredients to your diet, you are protected from ocean-borne contaminants found by fish. Not to mention, you are not just eating healthy – but also cruelty free!

Now, it’s your turn to fire up your imagination and coming up with your own healthy recipes. Good luck!

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