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Mother’s Day – 5 healthy things to do with your mom

Mother’s day is coming up soon! (Hope we didn’t have to remind you!)

Do you have any plans? Will it be the usual gesture of taking her out to dinner?

This year, why not try something different? Go above and beyond calling her or sending her a card. This mother’s day, rekindle your relationship with her, and transform the occasion into a celebration of love and good health.

Mothers have the tendency to put everyone else’s needs ahead of theirs. In the frenzy of taking care of everyone else, mothers neglect their own health and fitness. Isn’t it time you give back to her? On her special day, cultivate some fun, healthy rituals with you mom – make it yours and hers’ ‘special time’ to catch up, get more active, and become healthier. Here are a few ideas for a healthy and active Mother’s day.

1) Healthy breakfast in bed

Remember mom readying your breakfast and dabba on time, all to make sure you don’t skip out on the most important meal of the day? Well, now it’s your turn to pamper her! However, instead of the usual breakfast options, treat her to a healthy morning meal.

Need some ideas? Instead of regular toast and butter, why not try some toasted brown bread with some homemade almond butter? Or replace the regular cereal with your own version of delicious muesli. Serve it up with a selection of healthy nuts, along with fresh berries and mango slices. She’ll love the taste, and appreciate the thought behind it.

2) Yoga

Yes, there are certain pleasures to lazing in bed, but when was the last time you and your mom engaged in exercise together? Since its summer, yoga is a great option, as it can be performed indoors with no fancy equipment. It’s a low impact exercise that is still highly beneficial. Practicing yoga on the regular can bring her relief from joint pain and inflammation, breathing issues, cardiac trouble, digestive issues, and stress. You can even go ahead and pick a great video from Youtube for the both of you to follow, and a serene soundtrack that you think she might enjoy. Breathe in, breathe out, and feel the tranquil energy flow your body.

3) Make brunch together

As we grow older, we start losing out on simple pleasures like cooking with our loved ones. Get matching aprons for the both of you, and try out a healthy spin on your favorite dish. Perhaps replace vegetable oil with olive oil? Or try a tasty vegan or vegetarian spin on a dish that you have traditionally enjoyed with meat? Look up recipes on the internet, buy your fresh ingredients in advance, and put some great music on. You can even ask her to get out the book of old family recipes. Go wild with your imagination, have a great cooking session, and enjoy a lovely brunch on the balcony with her.

4) Ditch the chocolate – go for the Omega-3

Get creatively healthy with your gift idea this year. Chocolates and spa sessions are de rigueur! Instead, get her a gift basket of nutritional supplements that her body needs at her age. Older Indian women are increasingly at the risk of developing bone health and cardiac health issues. If you think she’s neglecting her health, help her get started on essential supplements like omega-3 DHA, algal calcium, and plant-based vitamin D3. If she has trouble with joint pain, a Curcumin-based supplement might be the answer. Remember to choose organic versions of these nutrients, to give her the maximum health benefits. It’s a gift that that will keep on giving.

5) Sign up for something active – together

The first step is always the hardest, but it gets easier when you take it with a loved one. Is there any activity that you have wanted to start, but you were having trouble motivating yourself? Has your mom always wanted to get back to swimming or cycling after years? Did the both of you dream of trying out Zumba? Now’s the time to do it!

Whatever the activity, sign up for it together. This way, you’ll keep each other’s spirits up, push each other, and there’s less chance of one of you dropping out. Just make sure to keep it fun for the both of you- spend time buying workout gear together, making goals, or coming up with a playlist of your favorite songs.

Like these ideas? Feeling inspired? Great! Let us know how you spent your mother’s day in the comments! Have a great time. 

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