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Know Your Nutrients – Osmolyte

Chemically speaking, ‘Betaine’ is a compound with a very specific kind of chemical bond. In common usage, ‘Betaine’ is used to refer to the compound that was first isolated from beetroots, though it is found widespread among microorganisms, plants, and animals.

You might have read articles referring to Beetroots as a ‘superfood’ for athletes. Those articles are, in fact, referring to the Betaine found in beetroot.

The body’s cells are surrounded by a fluid environment. This fluid environment is crucial to the transport of nutrients inside and out of cells. The chemical composition of this fluid environment is constantly changing, in response to changes in the larger environment like external humidity and temperature. This fluid environment also contains enzymes which are central to key functions of the cells- like energy production to keep your endurance activity going.

Betaine is an ‘Osmolyte’ or ‘Osmoprotectant’, which means it protects our cells from osmotic stress (high/low salt levels, temperature changes etc.), protects the body’s enzymes from distress, and prevents cells from succumbing to dehydration.

Betaine is also shown to possess endurance enhancing capabilities when consumed during exercise.

The betaine in RRUNN During shields the athlete’s body from environmental stresses, maintains optimal fluid levels, and protects critical endurance ability from diminishing.

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