By Amit Mehta NutritionGiving your child a healthy start in life

Giving your child a healthy start in life

As a parent, you want the best for your child. Though in today’s world, as parents we seldom realize that the collective choices made by us on a daily basis maybe depleting to the child’s brain and bone health.

The other day I heard a young mom say she feeds her child porridge filled with white sugar, because she felt the porridge would be too bland otherwise. Really? I child has no taste buds formed and the very first food you give him will form his taste buds. In macrobiotics, they consider the food eaten by the pregnant mother and the food eaten during the first 7 yrs to be very crucial for the child’s brain development.

White sugar depletes the nervous system, impacts the memory of a child, makes his or her blood acidic and depletes away the healthy minerals that are needed for proper bone development and healthy functioning of all the systems. Besides white sugar, commercial yeast found in bakery products, preservatives found in packaged foods and now even poor quality sprayed vegetables are alarmingly harmful for the child’s health. As parents, what can we do? How much is within our control? Well, here are a few solutions:

  1. Help the child with maintaining good gut bacteria for healthy digestion and enhanced absorption of daily nutrients.
  2. Help the child maintain an alkaline blood quality by removing all acidic foods from his/her diet
  3. Give the child a high quality DHA supplement (especially for children under 7 years), to help the child have a better neural circuit for a lifetime of good thinking and memory. For those who want to avoid giving their child fish oil supplements, there are now superior DHA alternatives available that are plant-based and vegan.
  4. Give the child the proper minerals in daily food, enough sunlight, and encourage outdoor activities for vitamin D. Vitamin D supplements optimized for dosage are also crucial to help build strong bones.
  5. Let the child engage in recreational activities of his or her choice, and develop multiple professional level skills from a young age – the confidence built helps the child feel happy, and the feeling of accomplishment keeps the child’s serotonin and brain chemicals functioning well.

It is crucial for the parent to take care of their child’s brain health. Brain activating exercises, sound healing therapy and yoga are highly recommended. For example, pressing the tips of the child’s hands makes rush blood to the deepest parts of the brain and the organ systems – a must do simple exercise for everyday!

Lastly, remember to not just focus on just diet or exercise. Adhering to the principles of comprehensive, all-encompassing wellness is the key to the holistic mental, physical, and emotional health in children.

Written by: 

Tarika Ahuja – International wellness coach and wellness author

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