By Amit Mehta NutritionGain good health with fiber!

Gain good health with fiber!

Today is World Health Day. It is that time of the year to celebrate health and arm ourselves with some wholesome knowledge. Take a moment to learn about fiber and its predominant role in protecting and promoting health.

Fiber is a known necessity in human diet. It is beneficial for your overall health in many ways and avoiding it, opens doors to several health risks including cardiovascular diseases, digestive troubles and high blood sugar.

Cardiovascular health

Fiber reduces risk factors for coronary heart disease and stroke, which are among the leading causes of mortality in India. Fiber supports cardiovascular health by helping the body to efficiently eliminate bad cholesterol and help lower high blood pressure.

Digestive health

That adequate fiber in your diet improves digestive health is known to most people. Not only does it relieve you of constipation, it also positively impacts the digestion enhancing healthy bacteria. Moreover, it speeds up the transit time of food in the digestive tract helping in the upkeep of the colon (large intestine). With enough fiber in your diet you’ll regulate your bowel movements.


Fiber plays a critical role in weight management by preventing excessive food intake and fat accumulation. People who replace healthy fiber rich foods with unhealthy ones like meat, dairy products and refined foods, which include white bread and rice, pasta, candy and sugary drinks, to name a few, should know that these have no fiber content whatsoever.

Sugar control

Diabetes is increasing at an alarming rate worldwide and glycemic control is an imperative. Not to mention that India is the world’s ‘diabetes capital’. There is a vast volume of clinical research showing that increasing fiber intake brings about improved sugar control in type I and type II diabetes, controlling your post-prandial sugar peak after each meal.

Unived’s Fybur

Fybur is inspired by the irreplaceable role that fiber occupies in a balanced and healthy life. It contains five grams of a healthful mix of soluble and insoluble active fibers characterized with specific health benefits. The great thing about Fybur is that it delivers the natural goodness of fiber to your body through an innovative and delicious mode – soup.

Unived’s Fybur is soup that lowers cholesterol, regulates sugar and manages weight and is supremely pleasing to your taste buds too. Including Fybur in your daily diet will bring you well-being and empower you to combat the dreadful health conditions of diabetes, digestive disorders, obesity and cardiovascular diseases.


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