By Amit Mehta FitnessExercise move of the week - ‘The Bridge’

Exercise move of the week – ‘The Bridge’

‘The Bridge’, also called a ‘Hip raise’, is an excellent exercise to strengthen your lower back and pelvis, and build flexibility. Including this in your workout routine will help you remain injury free and improve your posture. This move can be done anywhere, without the need for any equipment. All you need is a yoga mat.

Steps to do a proper ‘Bridge’:

1) Lie down with your back flat against the mat, hands straight, and palms down. Your knees should be bent, with the soles firmly on the mat.

2) Now, lift your lower back and posterior off the mat, while still keeping the soles of your feet, your arms and palms straight against the mat, and on the floor. Your thighs, your pelvis and your lower abdomen must be in a straight line. Hold this position for 2-4 seconds and come back to position 1.

Perform 10 repetitions. Gradually, do this for 15-20 minutes a day once your lower back is stronger. 

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