By Amit Mehta

Unived Sports and RRUNN at the Cool Runners Chennai Republic Day Half Marathon 2015

RRUNN just doesn’t keep runners on their toes – The Unived Sports team is on the move too! Hydrating great events across the country takes the team to hospitable cities and fantastic events where we get to meet passionate runners from all walks of life.

In January, we had the opportunity to head southwards to Chennai for the Cool Runners Chennai Republic Day Half Marathon 2015 as the official hydration partners. The Cool Runners are an enthusiastic bunch of runners spreading the infectious joy of running and supporting a great cause every year with this event. This year, the 4th edition of the Cool Runners Half Marathon supported the Cancer Care Awareness Project.

This event was a wonderful opportunity for us to partake in the joy and enthusiasm of runners, and Chennai proved to be home to some of the friendliest runners we have met so far! Runners were excited to know that a homegrown, scientific product like RRUNN was now easily accessible in India, and were eager to experience the benefits of India’s first ‘start-to-finish’ comprehensive sports nutrition system.

As the event was organized for runners by runners themselves, every aspect of the event, from the expo, to the bib collection to race day preparation was extremely well organized. Over 2300 runners at one venue is a party in itself, but race day being one day prior to the Republic Day lent a great vibe of happiness and positivity – not one stressed-out runner in sight! Hot breakfast, great music, and the prospect of a great run with fellow enthusiasts – everything about race day was perfect.

This event was also appropriate for Republic Day, as the Cool Runners team worked with RRUNN for hydration, and MyRace for timing chips – both of which are Indian brands supporting the Indian running community. 

So infectious was the buzz that the team couldn’t resist lacing up! Monica and Amit both ran the 10K, and were delighted by the chance to running on the wonderful Chennai roads. We are super proud of Monica, who won the 10K women’s race!

Moments like these keep the runners in us alive – which ultimately goes towards our dedication for making a great endurance product for athletes in India. The Unived Sports team does its best to channel our personal passion for sport and fitness into RRUNN, to bring the best sports nutrition experience possible to others who share in our passion.

We thank the team of Cool Runners for trusting us with the responsibility of hydrating the event, and the wonderful runners of Chennai. It is clear to us that Chennai is going to be one of the most exciting destinations for running in India. Chennai – we will carry the warmth of your hospitality and positivity with us for a long time. Keep running, we can’t wait to come back!

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