By Amit Mehta

Garhwal Runs 2015

As the world joyously celebrated love, a group of runners had different plans for Valentine’s day. While everyone else on the planet was busy being nervous for a proposal, or excited about a date, these chosen few would be pushing their bodies to the maximum limit. In a way, they were expressing their love for running – the best way they knew how.

On February 14, 2015, the runners at the Garhwals Runs started from Raipur Chowk in Dehradun, making their way through mist-laden hills to reach Dhanaulti, Uttarakhand – a race of 76 kms. The 25K category of the race would be flagged off from the 51K mark of the 76K route. The location is breathtaking, but there’s no time to stop and stare. The hills are beautiful, but merciless in their elevation gain. No wonder, that the 76K race is designed to be a qualifier for the 111K category of the LA Ultra, scheduled to be held in August 2015. The LA Ultra is a beast of an ultramarathon, and this qualifier planned to give runners a taste of what it would take to slay the beast.

Race fueling, while always important, is especially crucial in these race conditions. The elevation and the hilly route make heavy demands on the runners’ bodies, and Unived Sports was entrusted with the critical hydration needs of the participants. RRUNN, formulated to meet a variety of Indian training conditions, provided the support needed to power on through the unrelenting challenge of these unique and unfamiliar race conditions.

Runners looked like bright neon spots from afar – juxtaposed against the green majesty of the hilly forests. The road was pristine, the air was crisp, and the only thing standing between runners and the finish was their own mind. As the selected few runners made their way to the finish, it was evident that for these runners, this was the beginning to their LA Ultra adventure.

Though the elevation posed a challenge, the weather was impeccable and the hydration was ample – making for very happy and satisfied runners at the end of the race. In a few months, some of them will take on the incredibly tough ultramarathon in Ladakh. If their performance at the Garhwal Runs is anything to go by, we think this group has what it takes to take the challenge head-on.

From the flat terrain of Dehradun, to the hills of Uttarakhand, we hope that RRUNN gave runners a smooth fuelling experience, and we hope to hear about their adventures in Ladakh very soon.

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