On the trail with Rekha SudarshanFitness
By Amit Mehta

On the trail with Rekha Sudarshan

She is a familiar presence on the Chennai runners as one of the most enthusiastic running evangelists on the block. As a
By Amit Mehta

Soul speak with Parul Sheth

Let’s meet the incredible runner, architect, mother and author of The Running Soul, as she takes us through the
Know Your Nutrients - GlycogenFitness
By Amit Mehta

Know Your Nutrients – Glycogen

In this series aimed at better understanding sports nutrition, today let’s talk about glycogen. Simply speaking, glycogen
Know Your Nutrients - OsmolyteFitness
By Amit Mehta

Know Your Nutrients – Osmolyte

Chemically speaking, ‘Betaine’ is a compound with a very specific kind of chemical bond. In common usage,
Transitioning to barefoot runningFitness
By Amit Mehta

Transitioning to barefoot running

Barefoot running is a hot topic in the running community anywhere, and India is no different. You will meet runners who will rave
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