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A message from the CEO

As 2021 comes to an end, we draw the curtains on another year full of challenges, surprises and triumphs. What started with COVID-19 driven uncertainty, has ended with a larger (some new faces) team back at the office, eager & excited to build towards a stronger 2022! 

Let us take a look at our journey so far in the year of 2021.  

Challenges the second wave bought along: 

  • Supply Chain: Ensuring consistent raw material supply has been a monumental task. COVID-19 has had an impact on many of our suppliers. As a result, we’ve faced bottlenecks due to short supply and in some cases non-availability of raw materials. While this has resulted in some of our products going temporarily out of stock, the team has worked very hard to ensure majority of the products haven’t been affected.
  • Operations: As we continued to work from home, smooth operations remained tricky. Hourly calls and weekly in-person meetings at home became the recipe to manage the chaos. 
  • New Product Development: Product development has always been an ongoing process at Unived for the past decade. This year, with the team split, raw materials scarce, and several other emerging pain points to address, we’ve had to turn down the pace by a few notches. However, we have still managed to launch some of the path-breaking products, a result of sheer hard team work and dedication. 

Moments of triumph: 

  • Informed Sport Certified: We launched two new athlete proteins this year, Rise & Grind and Rest & Recover, both of which are Certified for Sport by the World’s leading anti-doping certification program – Informed Sport. As this is a pre-release program, we can only release the batch for sale after it has been tested and certified by the Informed Sport team in the UK. 
  • VeganMomy™: We launched another major product line which covers prenatal & postnatal health. This is a one of a kind range of complete nutrition for mothers & mothers-to-be. 
  • Office: After a long wait, and with much eagerness, we reopened office in November. It’s so good to see everyone back together as a team!

What we look forward to in 2022 

We’re working on a lot of cool stuff. Improved customer service, improved process flows, new product segments, and a lot more. We’re as excited, and as committed, as we were when we started.  

It’s been a long journey. We couldn’t have gotten here with your unconditional support and trust, so a BIG THANK YOU from the entire Unived Family for believing in us. You’re awesome! 

Unived Team

Happy New Year!

Amit Mehta, CEO & Founder 

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