By Amit Mehta Nutrition5 reasons women should go gaga over Omega-3 DHA

5 reasons women should go gaga over Omega-3 DHA

Ladies, most of you are already familiar with the benefits of Omega-3 for proper body function. This essential fatty acid is crucial for brain, eye, and heart health. Omega-3 is popularly referred to as the ‘good fat’, while an excess of Omega-6 in your diet can be detrimental. Between foods that are rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, it becomes crucial to achieve the right balance.

Aside from their role in maintaining the functions of some of our major organs, Omega-3 fatty acids in particular have multiple health benefits for women.

1) A possible link has been found between menstrual pain and low omega-3 levels. Supplementation with Omega-3 can relieve PMS and menstrual cramps. No more unnecessary agony at that time of the month.

2) Women who are trying to get pregnant could benefit a great deal by upping their Omega-3 intake. Omega-3 can boost fertility by improving the general health of the uterus and increasing chances of a successful implantation.

3) Omega-3 is good for mum, and good for the child. Research has shown that Omega-3 supplementation significantly brings down the risk of premature birth. Omega-3 is also crucial for fetal brain development.

4) Omega-3 cuts down the risk of discomfort and conditions associated with menopause like Osteoporosis, hot flashes, thinning of hair and joint pain.

5) When you are feeling the blues, Omega-3 supplementation can lift your mood. Along with depression, Omega-3 also slows down the deterioration of memory.

Getting the balance of Omega-3 from your diet can be tricky, especially for vegans and vegetarian. Thankfully, there are now 100% vegan alternatives available that source Omega-3 from microalgae, instead of fish oil.

When women get healthier, entire families get healthier. Ensure that you and your family reap the health benefits of balanced consumption of this essential nutrient.

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