By Amit Mehta Health & Wellness3 tips to avoid work-related digestive issues

3 tips to avoid work-related digestive issues

It’s almost time to pack up for the day. You should be looking forward to get home and catching up with your family, watching an episode of your favorite show, or blowing off some steam with a game. Instead, you feel low and ‘off’. You feel full, but can’t really remember what you had for lunch. Did you even have breakfast? You are not sure. Snacks and meals have blurred into each other. The thought of having dinner at home doesn’t interest you one bit. “I just don’t feel like eating”, your mind echoes.

Sounds all too familiar? Long working hours, taxing commutes, and untimely meals are silently wreaking havoc on our digestive systems. Workplace stresses and schedules are becoming increasingly responsible for constipation, stomach pain, acidity and other digestive distress. Let’s look at some common causes of digestive issues caused by the workplace, and look at how we can amend our habits to regain digestive health.

1) Posture

Are you surprised to see this in the list? Most people would be. As we slouch away in front of our screens, we think that the worst that will come out of it is a pain in the neck. Posture has a huge impact on our internal organs. Slouching too much can impede the natural processes of our digestive organs, and cause problems like acid reflux, constipation, and even hernia. As much as possible, maintain an upright posture that is easy on your spine and neck. Make sure your back is firmly against the spine of the chair, so that you get proper support. Don’t forget to breathe! Proper breathing technique plus proper posture should help eliminate digestive issues.

2) Lay off the chai and coffee

A lot of us tend to lose track of how much coffee and tea we end up consuming over a work day. Whether it’s the ‘wake me up’ cup early in the morning, or the ‘post-lunch treat’, drinking excessive tea and coffee can cause acidity and bloating – you end up feeling ‘full’ without having had a substantial meal. Not to mention, both these beverages are stimulants. Feel like you are exhausted at the end of the day and still wide awake? That’s probably because of drinking excessive tea and coffee. Don’t forget the amount of sugar that can creep up into your diet with each cup. There’s no easy way to say this, kids – stick to one cup of tea or coffee in the morning! Instead, there are lovely herbal teas available in the market that you can sip during the stressful day. Some of these teas are blended from ingredients that specifically aid digestion and detox your system. So, ditch the temptation to

have your 4th cutting tea of the day, and have a herbal tea instead.

3) Keep regular meal times

Has lunch come to mean a sandwich that you hurriedly eat in front of your laptop at 3 p.m.? Is the samosa from a canteen your breakfast? Guilty as charged! Excessive junk food, along with irregular meal times are some of the worst culprits that cause digestive problems. Your body needs a well-balanced, nutritious, and fresh diet at regular intervals to perform optimally. As much as possible, have home-made meals. Running late for breakfast? Grab some fresh fruit or keep some muesli at work. Out of lunch ideas? Try a fresh salad and a bowl of pasta – these are nutritious and quick to whip up. Yes, our schedules are hectic, but putting a little effort into eating well can go a long way towards staying healthy. For those pesky afternoon hunger pangs, why not try an instant, high-fiber soup that is low on calories and high on goodness?

Last, but not the least, drink water – LOTS of water! Water relieves acidity, eases bowel function, and flushes out toxins from your body. By changing your habits at the workplace, you will find that you are more productive at the workplace, sleeping better at night, and are in a pleasant frame of mind. The digestive system can have a profound effect on our mood – so, turn that grumpy tummy into a happy camper! 

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