And cholesterol will bite the dust

Two Feet To FlyFitness
By Amit Mehta

Two Feet To Fly

“Naan vazharthukku odarthillai, naan odarthukku thaan vazharen” “I don’t run to live, I live to
On the trail with Girish MallyaFitness
By Amit Mehta

On the trail with Girish Mallya

The Indian ultra-running season is upon us. Many of you are probably training for various ultra-marathons across the country to
Ways to outrun common running injuriesFitness
By Amit Mehta

Ways to outrun common running injuries

A running injury can put your training back by several steps. While it is tempting to pack in as many miles in a week as you can,
Avoid a sedentary lifestyleHealth & Wellness
By Amit Mehta

Avoid a sedentary lifestyle

We had plenty of exciting developments in the Unived office this week. Undoubtedly, the highlight was the visit of legendary
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