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Avoid a sedentary lifestyle

We had plenty of exciting developments in the Unived office this week. Undoubtedly, the highlight was the visit of legendary ultra-marathoner, coach and endurance athlete, Norrie Williamson. Norrie had travelled all the way from South Africa to present a motivational talk to runners in Mumbai. After having a long chat with our Unived team and getting introduced to our natural, vegan products, he wanted to come and take a look at India’s only certified ‘vegan’ company. We couldn’t be happier! 

We have been trying to make our workspace more fitness friendly, and who other than Norrie to give us valuable insights! Though none of us are endurance athletes (so far), Norrie very graciously gave us practical tips and a pep talk. He pointed out that most injuries and pains don’t come as a result of working out or running, but as a result of daily unhealthy habits and a sedentary lifestyle.

We wanted to share some of these great insights with you.

1) Does you chair have your back?

Most of us spend 9 hours in a day on our office chair – that’s a lot! Most of us either slump away, or lean ahead too much to stare at our screens. Sit straight with your back completely aligned with the chair. Sit all the way back, don’t slump forward. If your back does not align with the chair, you might want to replace your chairs with more supportive ones.

2) 10,000 small steps for a man…

That’s the magic number! With cars and rickshaws at our disposal, we just don’t walk enough anymore to keep us fit and agile. While it is not feasible for most people to walk to work, there are other ways to get that pedometer going. If it’s less than 4 floors, use the staircase and not the elevator. When you need a break at work, step away from the screen and take a walk around the office. Take a stroll outside after lunch.

3) A lunge here and a squat there

Most people’s workspaces do not have a gym or fitness equipment for the employees (Unived does, yay!). However, there’s no reason you can’t keep a small dumbbell at work when you need a health break. If there are space constraints, workspaces can invest in non-invasive equipment like kettle bells and a resistance band attached to the wall. If you do have the luxury of space in the office, all you need is a yoga mat and 30 minutes to get in a great workout.

The thing Norrie said that really stuck with us was, “You spend all your life trying to earn money, but when you get older, you won’t be able to spend that money because you are too unhealthy by then”. Your health is the best investment you can make.

While the temptation to lounge on a Sunday after a week of hard work is understandable, all you need is 30-40 minutes of a day to reap the benefits of health in your retirement years, and small changes in your daily routine for a healthy, fulfilling life. 

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