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Career Highlights

2019 was the great year in Running for me.

My personal best timings:

  • 10KM is 37 min 42 sec.
  • Half marathon in 1 hour 19 min 10 seconds
  • Tata Mumbai Marathon in 2 hour 55 minutes 26 seconds
I started running due to Diabetes and Overweight. My Running journey started in May 2017 and never looked back. During this process I have reversed my Diabetes. So far I have run 10 Marathons, 10 half Marathons and numerous 10KM races.

Up Close, and Personal

To me, sport is…

To me running is life.

On a typical training day,

I train 6 days a week and take rest on Sunday. Tuesday is Interval training, Thursdays are Tempo/Hill run/Fartlek run and Saturdays are Long run days. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are recovery run days. In a typical week I run 110 to 125 KM. My diet doesn’t vary much and I eat a balanced diet of carbohydrates, protein and vegetables. I enjoy eating jowar/bajra roti and oats, upma for carbohydrates. I started running barefoot and transitioned to shoes later. I wear Nike shoes and have no preferences for apparel. Routinely I use 80% whey protein for recovery after every run and take Unived Recovery mix after hard days of training one month prior to target event.

My idea of an effective weight training session is…

I plan my weekly training with My coach Kothandapani, training plans are prepared based on Target race and fitness level. On a typical training session, I start with glute and core activation exercises, warm up, leg drills and workout (Interval, tempo/hills/Fartlek and Long run) followed by cool down and stretching and foam rolling. Combined together all these will make the training effective and help minimize injuries.

The moment when I discovered my athletic potential was…

3 months after starting my running journey I ran a 1 hour 45 min half marathon and in 6 months I ran a marathon in 3 hour 29 minutes. These two performances with little training hinted towards my athletic potential. Later I joined PaceMakers and started training under coach Kothandapani sir guidance to discover my true potential.

The three biggest lessons I have learnt so far in my athletic career is…

1. There is no substitute for hardworking
2. Only consistency will lead to improvement
3. Patience is key to success in marathon running

Before a big race, I tell myself…

I recall all the training I have done over last 3 months and focus my mind to achieve the best possible result I can.

The toughest race of my life was…

Tata Mumbai Marathon in 2019. Soon after the race started at 1KM, my calf muscles started to cramp and later all other major muscle groups started to cramp one after another. Yet I took the race head on and finishing the race in 2 hour 55 minutes.

Unived Athlete Vinut Patel RunnerThe most memorable moment of my sporting career so far…

running a sub 1 hour 20 minutes half marathon in Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2019 was the most memorable moment yet. A well executed race and a strong finish and still had lots of energy to celebrate after the finish line.

My training sanctuary is…

Lalbagh and Cubbon park in Bengaluru with PaceMakers team of fast runners.

My dream starting line is…

Tata Mumbai Marathon is my Dream start line.

I nourish my soul with…

a double strong coffee from Maiyas is my soul nourishment secret.

Unived helps me…

in high intensity training and faster recovery. Unived gels make running races effortless.

I have chosen to associate with Unived because…

I started training with Unived products. Since I was diabetic, I use to take gels on every long runs. I simply love the quality of products and the performance these products bring is best in class. Hence it is my pleasure to associate with Unived.

My favourite Unived product is…

the Elite Endurance Gel, double espresso 100mg caffeine is my favorite product. I love coffee and this flavor brings the best out of me in training and races.
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