Nupur Singh

Unived Athlete Nupur Singh

Nupur Singh

Ultra-Distance Trail Runner

Career Highlights


  • 100km Asia Oceania Championship 2019 Open Race – 2nd Place
  • IAU 6hr Global Solidarity Run 2020 – 71km
  • Tata Ultra 50km 2020- Winner – 4:15:15
  • Vadodara Marathon 2020 – Winner – 3:10:25
  • Tata Mumbai Marathon 2020- 3:20:20 (Overall 2nd in amateur females)
  • Solang SkyUltra 2019 60km – Winner Overall
  • SRT Marathon 2019 53km – Winner (Female}

Other Adventures – Hiking and Outdoors

  • Friendship Peak (Alt 5250m) (Alpine Style) – base to summit to base in 33hrs
  • In training for Alpine and Nordic Skiing
  • Lahaul & Spiti Valley Trail Running tour Sept 2020 – 150km and 6000m ascent in 4days at an average altitude of 4000m
  • Pune to Goa Cycling in Monsoons July 2019 (Bike packing) – 850km|10000m gain – 11days
  • Pin Parvati Pass Trek (Alpine Style) – 4days
  • Manali to Khardungla Cycling in Sept 2014
  • Mount Yunam (Alt 6100m) (Alpine Style) – base to summit to base in 26hrs

I am a trail and marathon runner and an event organizer. I have been living in mountains for past 5 years, working, training and just enjoying the closeness to nature. I am an outdoorsy person in awe of nature. The landscape, the weather, the changing seasons, the life that’s surrounds, I find it all truly magical.  Venturing into the forest on solo runs, overcoming the fear of being alone, feeling part of the surroundings. The solitude and yet the connection with the life around is breath-taking. I love to embrace the elements of nature. When the weather is at its fierce, be it pouring rain or heavy snowfall, elemental, I love to be outdoors then, on the run, it makes me feel real and alive.

Up close and Personal,

To me sport is…

a way of life.

On Typical training day…

I eat: Oat, fruits, muesli, dal, chapati, Indian sabzi, veggies, rice. I have been trying out a plant based diet for past 18 months and loving the effects of it on my body.

I listen to: Indies, Sufi, soft and soothing music

I recover by: Taking a balanced meal, Unived Elite Recovery Mix and Unived Pea Protein Powder

My idea of effective training session is…

Helping out locals in lifting wood stocks and grass ?

The moment when I discover my athletic potential was…

At a young age when in School, my sports officer made me play every sport there was. I enjoyed each of them and was good at it too.

Three biggest lesson I have learned in my athletic career so far…

  • I am only as good as I have trained for.
  • There will always be ups and down, wins and losses, peak performances and injuries, I need to learn to embrace them all. It is part of the game.
  • To listen, get inspired, reflect but choose my own path, that defines me.

Before a big race I tell myself…

Go out there, just have fun and do your best.

The toughest race of my life was…

The High 5’s where I ran 5 half marathon in 5 days on Manali Leh Highway crossing one high altitude pass each day. It was tough because I wasn’t trained and just took it as a challenge. I was the organizer of the race as well, so managing and running at the same time came as a double whammy for me.

The most memorable moment of my sporting career so far

My professional running career hasn’t been long, and I have a lot of memorable moments to make. One of the memorable moments so far is when I won the Solang SkyUltra race overall beating the Men’s too. It was the first race I took part in after I started training for races seriously. Living in Solang and being part of the organizing team of the race for many years, it was more of a personal challenge.

My training sanctuary is

Anywhere as close to nature as possible. Preferably Mountains.

My dream starting line is

Representing India at international ground.

I nourish my soul with

Going out up in the mountains for a run or a hike.

Unived helps me by…

Recovery Mix and Protein Powder – help me recover fast and effectively

Endurance Gels – I use them during my long training runs and marathons.

Connects me with like minded and accomplished athletes.

I have chosen to associate with Unived because…

Unived have products based on scientific research and backed by the feedbacks from elites in sports. They have maintained a standard in products and values. I would like to be associated with such motivated team and a good brand.

My favorite Unived product is…

Unived Elite Gel

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